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Hi Mavic enthusiasts,

this is a short footage I made from the first day flying my Mavic back in December. On ground level you could roughly see like 15 meters but above 60 meters, the world looked different.
Looking forward to get your comments.

Waow! Great shots!!!

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Great work. I love the concept and sending the bird through the cloud! 10/10 for inspired work :)
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Wonderful shot! Was it scary to send the drone behind the cloud? You have no reference to see where it is.

Hi horizonstar. What you cannot see is that there were free spots between the fog/clouds, otherwise I wouldn't be brave enough to send my friend up there without seeing it :D Also, as you see in the part with the large tower in the first half, the fog area was like a stripe and abruptly ended so I just flew up in a less foggy area and around 200m away it apears to be a closed cloud cover. But obviously my editing was successfull to make it look more spectacular as it was :)
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