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  1. V

    Mini Autel Evo Nano Plus max altitude 800m

    Hi all! Just flew to the clouds with my Autel Nano + It was windy a bit so footage is not so long. 800 meter clouds were found =)
  2. Yaros

    Air 2 Video of Very Low Clouds over Cala Millor, Mallorca!

    This is a video that I made recently when the clouds went low over the town of Cala Millor, where I live! Hope you like it! Any suggestions or critiques on video editing, color correction, and the video in general - welcome!
  3. Jim D

    3 Sunrise Over Cascades

    Pano captured this morning.
  4. Yaros

    Air 2 Clouds went LOW!

    A couple of days ago I went to fly to the beach, but when I got there I was surprised, it was very foggy in some parts of the beach, super strange. I took off and was very surprised how low some clouds were, they were at 50 meters (160 feet)! So I flew above them and took some photos and videos...
  5. Yaros

    Panorama Above the Fog

    Today here in Mallorca there is extreme fog and humidity, so I got my drone and flew! Far from perfect conditions, but the clouds are low, LED strobes help a ton with VLOS. Here is a panorama I took!
  6. Yaros

    Air 2 Low Clouds & Rainbow from the Mountain (Cala Millor, Mallorca) in the afternoon

    Recently the weather here in Mallorca was bad, but one day of sun was a surprise! I flew the drone to the mountain to take some shots and there was a rainbow! What a nice surprise! Low Clouds after Rain (Cala Millor)
  7. Jim D

    2 Pro Utah Badlands & Henry Mountains

    Pano shot manual, processed and stitched in ACR
  8. VenomXts

    Air 2 Sunset & Sunrise Was A Wonderful Day Today

    Yes it is a retention pond, yes I think it still makes a awesome pic lol (Sorry to multi post in here this weekend I promise there are a lot more I didn't share...!just lots of flying and great moments this weekend) On the cloud pics/video before anyone asks, 350 feet and I could see my lights...
  9. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunrise from above my house

    I was at my computer early yesterday morning when I saw the sky start to glow. Went in the backyard and got the drone up and this is what I found. Note Mt. Rainier in the background Shot RAW, manual, processed and stitched in ACR
  10. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Lake Stevens

    RAW Pano, shot in bursts of 5, processed in ACR, median stacked, brought back into ACR for stitching.
  11. Jim D

    2 Pro Mt. Index

    I hiked up to Lake Serene below Mt. Index off of Hwy 2 in WA last week. Not a spectacular sunrise I was hoping for but got some good shots of the dramatic north and east faces of this incredible mountain. All drone shots are RAW panos processed and stitched in computer. Here is the typical...
  12. Jim D

    2 Pro Deer Creek Valley in Winter

    It was a bit of work breaking trail on cross-country skis in deep snow to get to this point where I took the drone up for a pano.
  13. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Thunderhead Over The Cascades

    Looking east from above my house. Pano shot with 2 rows of 3, processed and stitched in ACR.
  14. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunrise above my house this morning

    Cascade mountains behind, Lake Stevens on right with Mt. Rainier further south.
  15. Jim D

    2 Pro Serendipity while practicing

    Went over to the high school play field to practice flying/gimbal moves. When changing batteries I finally looked around (not at phone screen) and saw some nice clouds overhead. Flew up to look down on the lake and found this. 6 shot pano, each shot a burst of 5 RAWs stacked and median...
  16. Jim D

    Mt. Baker at Sunrise

    From White Chuck Mt.
  17. 38E5AD7B-976B-4FF7-BCAD-35F00B95CBD6_1_201_a.jpeg


    Sunset over Fort Myers
  18. VenomXts

    Moods of The Sky

    Enjoy, this was very frustrating to make since it is not exactly how I want it... but its took several hours so still going to post it for feedback. Air 2, 4k, 8k and hyperlapses. Let me know your thoughts or tell me to STFU . :) -Venom
  19. Jim D

    Mt. Loop Sunset Pano

    Morning Star, Sperry, Big Four South Pk. MP2 RAW processed & stitched in PS, post in Luminar 4
  20. Jim D

    Cascades Sunrise

    Foggy at my house, but I found this up above. I love living in a view house thanks to the drone!