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3 Sunset Over Lake Stevens

Nice one Jim - you are getting better sunsets than what I am seeing down in Vancouver. I love these skies.
The reflection of the sky in the water is really beautiful.The clouds in the sky looked like they were drawn. I love the shot. Thanks for sharing!
Taken from above my house last week. Two row pano shot RAW then processed and stitched in ACR.

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That is one really beautiful shot!

Can you please tell us, in detail, your exact work flow? I use Adobe Photoshop merge to panorama all of the time, but only with a single row of 3-6 images with 30% overlaps. How can I use a 2nd row? I shoot all frames manually in RAW and bring them into ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), select all, and right click on any image, get the drop down menu, and select merge to panorama. I cannot do this with two rows.
Please advise your work flow.

Much appreciated. Ok to also write to me on private conversation.

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