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  1. B

    Epic Mountain Sunset

    Hey just wanted to share another video from a recent flight. I recorded at sunset and was stoked with the results. Please watch and share your thoughts:
  2. B

    Aerial 360: shot raw, stitched in PTGui

    https://www.panoramiceye.com/wp-content/uploads/panoramas/arroyo-aerial/ Shot with Mavic 2 Pro (raw), stitched in PTGui, zenith patched with Photoshop, content aware fill.
  3. Jim D

    Mt. Loop Sunset Pano

    Morning Star, Sperry, Big Four South Pk. MP2 RAW processed & stitched in PS, post in Luminar 4
  4. T

    Istanbul - Transcontinental Sunset Flight Across the Bosphorus, Europe to Asia

    Hi All! I just joined this forum and would like to share my first video with you all. Feel free to offer any advice or tips and look forward to watching your videos! Make sure to subscribe and I will be happy to follow you on youtube and instagram to enjoy your videos as well! I took this...
  5. jimlips

    Following some bicycles near Sacramento, CA

    I was out flying my Mavic Pro Platinum the other night right at sunset, which provided some really interesting coloring in the following video. Some bicycles came riding by, so I thought I would see how far I could follow them. The gold bridge is known as the TOWER BRIDGE, as it is the...
  6. emvision

    Lehigh river and Delaware river at Easton, Pa.

    Panorama, Mavic Air,
  7. Scopdoc

    Rethinking photography with drones

    Using a drone has caused me to totally rethink my photography when composing images. Sunsets are all “better” when the horizon line is visible due to the altitude. Waterfalls can be viewed face on or from overhead. Animals are easier to photograph, as well. I am having to relearn “perspectives”...
  8. MrYKBQdV

    Platja de l'Ahuir (Gandia, Spain) 4K

    This is my first edited video with the very first shots I made with the Mavic 2 Zoom. I made the shots on the very beautiful coastal city of Gandia, Spain. Music is mine as well. Some bonus pictures:
  9. 1561518745011.jpg


    Houston Texas sunset
  10. crazy_tall

    Beautiful Surrey (UK):

    Hey, Wanted to share a couple of images I took a couple of days ago - been watching plenty of YouTube videos on how to take photos manually and also how to edit. Love to hear peoples thoughts at my first attempts at these AEB shots. Taken in manual RAW and merged using Lightroom. Cheers
  11. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spectacular Skies of Early Summer in SW Washington

    Thunderstorms rumble and vivid sunsets flare in the sultry humid days of early summer in Washington State. Green fields and reflecting lakes glow with verdant life in the wake of the cleansing rains that sweep across the landscape. I filmed the aerial portions of this video with my DJI Mavic 2...
  12. D

    Bali - Anantara Seminyak Beach and Visesa Ubud Resort

    Aerials views of the beautiful beach at Anantara Seminyak Resort and the rice fields in Visesa Ubud Resort in Indonesia Music: Sam Feldt ft. George Shelley - Leave Me Alone Hello all!!! Please support my video, I am new here!!! Its a great community here.
  13. C

    Setting of the Sun

    Sunset in New Jersey...
  14. quadroger

    Hyperlapse Switzerland - Daytime (sunset) - Mavic 2 Zoom

    Hyperlapse Switzerland - Daytime - Mavic 2 Zoom
  15. E

    First attempt on cenematic video (4 min. )

    Hi This weekend I flew 1 hour with my mavic 2 pro during sunset. This was the result. Please comment what you like and what I should do better next. Thanks. Erik
  16. Jim D

    Sunset over the lake

    MP2, 6 RAW images, processed and stitched in ACR
  17. Jim D

    Sunset over Lake Stevens 3/28/19

    MP2 2 RAW images processed and stitched in ACR


    “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posy. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” Inspiring scenes and quotes concerning the topic of failure and starting over.
  19. Seas of Mist, Shores of Mountains (REMIX)

    Seas of Mist, Shores of Mountains (REMIX)

    Soar through an ethereal dreamscape, filled with seas of mist and shores of mountains, in a land of perpetual twilight.