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  1. Q

    Air 2 DJI Air 2S Sunset | Darwin 🇦🇺 5K [2021]

    Another fantastic sunset from Darwin, Australia.
  2. mikereidphotography

    2 Pro Deception Pass Sunbeams Sunset

    After a day of dark gray rain squall clouds, it looked like a nice sunset might come together. I headed to my favorite beach in the Deception Pass area and put the MP2 up.
  3. I

    2 Pro 2nd flight photos. Not bad for a noob? :)

    Took my new toy out for a test flight today as I learn what the hell I'm doing. I don't think they came out too bad for the first real flight. I've got a lot to learn, but this is going to be fun!
  4. Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    watch my tenth video on YouTube... and relax.
  5. Nature from above

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!

    Beautiful Sunrise + relaxing music | watch, relax, and enjoy!!!
  6. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Thunderhead Over The Cascades

    Looking east from above my house. Pano shot with 2 rows of 3, processed and stitched in ACR.
  7. V

    2 Pro Arizona sunset

    Captured this while out joy flying over Estrella Lake
  8. Jeremy Clark

    Air 2 Stunning sunset at magical Roche Rock, Cornwall. UK

    Managed to get out tonight one last time before the full lockdown starts again here in the UK. Thankfully, it was worth it as there were such beautiful colours at one of my favourite magical, atmospheric sites
  9. K

    Mini Mavic mini sunset

    I took this picture a few days ago. Was totally worth it. Pictures can do justice for the real picture. Do you guys like it?
  10. Jim D

    2 Pro Serendipity while practicing

    Went over to the high school play field to practice flying/gimbal moves. When changing batteries I finally looked around (not at phone screen) and saw some nice clouds overhead. Flew up to look down on the lake and found this. 6 shot pano, each shot a burst of 5 RAWs stacked and median...
  11. D

    2 Pro Sunset over a snowy mountian

    We had a snow storm come through the other night and put down some snow then left the clouds so I could catch this picture.
  12. Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    Autumn colors | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic 4K Drone

    First test out with my new drone, the Mavic Air 2. Wonderful autumn sunset from Catalunya, Spain. - Drone: Mavic Air 2 - Resolution: 4K 60fps & 4K 30fps - Co...
  13. SkyMasterKT

    Air 2 I am impressed with MA2 low light video shooting

    I would like to post here my first sunset video shot with MA2 over very famous Bulgarian stone hoodoos formation, called Stob Pyramids. Part of the video was shot in ISO 200, otherwise ISO 100, 4K, 60 fps, 1/120 speed. Color grading in DaVinci Resolve 16. I hope you will enjoy it.
  14. Ladybower Reservoir

    Ladybower Reservoir

    Ladybower Reservoir Peak District
  15. Castle Kamieniec

    Castle Kamieniec

    Kamieniec Castle from the bird's eye view. Ruins of a 14th-century castle on a rocky hill, housing a seasonal museum.
  16. Deluge in  Nowa Huta. Graduation tower.

    Deluge in Nowa Huta. Graduation tower.

  17. Sunrise and Sunset

    Sunrise and Sunset

    What a beautiful morning in the Pyrénées Orientales. Clear skies meant the chance of a superb sunrise and I wasn't disappointed. Enjoy! Sunrise - viewed from...
  18. I

    Mini North Ledaig, Oban, Scotland

    Sharing a video from a Mavic Mini over Ardmucknish Bay in Scotland. Captured a nice sunset. This is the furthest I have flown the drone at 1.6km, before I lost the signal. I was hoping to fly over the ridge and see the see beyond - maybe next time. Video of North Ledaig, Oban. Hope you like it.
  19. Bagry Kraków Spring 2020

    Bagry Kraków Spring 2020

    Bagry from a bird's eye view. The lake is located within the city limits of Kraków.
  20. nhgill960

    Sunset Timelapse with Mavic Mini

    Hey guys, Just thought I would share this timelapse I took of the sunset with my mini. I will be using a drive link because I haven't gotten around to setting up a youtube channel yet. I hope ya'll like it. I used a 5 second timed shot series and then I stabilized it in Davinci Resolve. I have...