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  1. Jim D

    3 Moonrise/Sunset Last Night

    Lake Stevens, WA. Mt. Pilchuck on L. Pano shot RAW manual, processed and stitched in ACR.
  2. cknipp

    Air 2s “The city on a hill”

    “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3 Captured this sunset shot of the church where I serve as a Children’s Pastor in Cleveland, TN. Westmore Church of God. We sit right off I-75 exit 25 in Cleveland! I wish I could have...
  3. O

    Mini 3 Sunset at Stonehenge.

    Stonehenge taken at sunset with a Mini 3 Pro. Taken in 48MP mode. 8 Images were used for image averaging to remove most of the noise. A seperate exposure was used for the sky. Cropped for composition.
  4. VenomXts

    Air 2s Sunset Tonight With Time-lapse and Pictures

    Was a pretty night
  5. R

    Air 2s Mt Nemo (Burlington, Ontario) at Sunset

    I was finally able to make it out to Mt Nemo and shoot this video, which required a lengthy (700m or so) flight over a rural property with my DJI Air 2S, and it performed beautifully. Had I stayed just 5 more minutes, I would have captured even more fantastic lighting as the sun got lower...
  6. Jim D

    3 Cascades Sunset Clouds

    Thunderheads were building over the Cascades near my house yesterday evening. By the time I got the drone up they had shrunk a lot, but still looked good behind Whitehorse and Three Fingers. 3 shot pano with the tele lens, shot RAW, processed and stitched in ACR, converted to B&W with Silver FX Pro.
  7. S

    3 So I bought the Mavic 3...

    Recently bought the Mavic 3 and it is a huge upgrade from the original Mavic pro in literally every regard. To showcase it's potential I shot a cinematic series at Christie Falls and Big Horn lake (Kelowna BC, Canada). Both spots inspire photographers and videographers to capture the absolute...
  8. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Gurnee IL Sunset

    @125 ft no filter
  9. H

    3 Collection of Beautiful Hawaiian Sunsets w/ Lofi Music

    Hi Here is another video focusing on various stages of sunset amongst beautiful ocean backdrops. Some surfers make an appearance across this slightly longer video. Hope it relieves some stress and helps you zone out for a bit
  10. Yaros

    Air 2 Air 2S Enjoying the sunset

    This is a photo I took with my Mavic Air 2 of my friend's Air 2S when we were flying together during sunset. In this photo you can see the Air 2S hovering while I took a photo of it from the air!
  11. Coskier

    3 SFO Bay Area Sunset Shots

    Have a friend who lives in Hayward Hills, kind of near Oakland. They have great views of the south end of San Francisco Bay, and I got some sunset shots the other night: "Normal" sensor/ camera "Zoom" Camera at 7x AEB 5 exposure HDRI from the "Normal" camera "Normal" camera
  12. Jim D

    2 Pro Lake Stevens Sunset 1/12/22

    My wife called me up from the basement last night to see the sunset that was starting. I barely had time to get the drone out and up to capture this. Skyline L-R: Cascades, Mt. Rainier, Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound
  13. BigglesPippa

    Mini 2 Mini 2 - Sunset and Lightning all in one!

    What an amazing evening this was! There was a vibrant sunset but also a lightning storm. I grabbed my DJI Mini 2 drone and flew! I wasn't sure how the footage would turn out but was pleasantly surprised when I viewed it. I've added sound effects to help highlight the contrast between the sunset...
  14. Yaros

    Panorama Above the Fog

    Today here in Mallorca there is extreme fog and humidity, so I got my drone and flew! Far from perfect conditions, but the clouds are low, LED strobes help a ton with VLOS. Here is a panorama I took!
  15. VenomXts

    3 Houston's Sky On Fire

    Was a nice night tonight, really wish i could of used a few more functions on the Mavic 3 for this. Mavic 3 Tonight: I saw something very similar last year with my Air2... and i think if i caught this with the M3 and the pano... I would of been fabulous. Air2 a year ago:
  16. Garden City, SC - OCT2021 - Sunset

    Garden City, SC - OCT2021 - Sunset

    Looking towards Murrell's Inlet
  17. Jim D

    2 Pro Valley of the Gods Sunset

    Pano shot manual, RAW, 5 shot bursts, processed in ACR, median blended, stitched in ACR.
  18. VenomXts

    Air 2 Sunset & Sunrise Was A Wonderful Day Today

    Yes it is a retention pond, yes I think it still makes a awesome pic lol (Sorry to multi post in here this weekend I promise there are a lot more I didn't share...!just lots of flying and great moments this weekend) On the cloud pics/video before anyone asks, 350 feet and I could see my lights...
  19. Jim D

    2 Pro Sunset Lake Stevens

    RAW Pano, shot in bursts of 5, processed in ACR, median stacked, brought back into ACR for stitching.
  20. VenomXts

    Air 2 Lift off above the woods...

    Some of my fav shots come together with treetops, setting sun and planes....