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  1. Under the clouds

    Under the clouds

  2. R

    My first movie - Lofoten islands, Norway

    Hello All! I've been trying to shoot with drones since Phantom 2 Vision, but this is the first serious movie I have put together. Not sure what's the best forum for it, because I used both Mavic and P4P drones to create it. I take Mavic to the mountains with me when hiking, and I launch heavier...
  3. Pathogen

    Who likes clouds?

    I love clouds, just sayin'
  4. CoveredinBeer

    Fog and Cloud Question

    I was flying the Mavic in the mountains recently and there was a nice bank of clouds rolling in close to the ground. As I started to fly the Mavic into them, I had second thoughts and declined. Clouds are, after all, a collection of moisture which doesn't exactly go well with the drone. Is there...
  5. ColoradoBob

    Desert Clouds of Western Colorado

    Shot this with my Mavic set to 3K 3oFPS then rendered down to 1920x1080. It was really windy that day and every time I went for Altitude I got high wind warnings... Almost called it after the first warning but glad I didn't... Picked up a whole lot of confidence in the MP's abilities in the...
  6. Domaenico

    Above the clouds on a foggy day

    Hi Mavic enthusiasts, this is a short footage I made from the first day flying my Mavic back in December. On ground level you could roughly see like 15 meters but above 60 meters, the world looked different. Looking forward to get your comments. Dom