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  1. Waliaf

    Greetings From Bremen Germany

    Hello everyone, I am new to Mavic and drone , got my Mavic 2 pro few days ago and had tried it few times, had my first small crash :) , the home position was not good enough and the drone did run out of juice and tries to land, I was not able to catch or cancel the landing, hit the wooden bench...
  2. Marco Cantieni

    Spooky Castle

    I finally was able to finish my work I've begun in 2017: Catching the Hachberg Castle in the southwest of Germany. The footage is a mix of Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro. When I came back a few weeky ago there were anti drone signs all over the place. I left my bird on the ground but used the camera...
  3. I

    Hello From Berlin, Germany

    Hello Everyone, I am really excited to get my Mavic Air and had my maiden flight today. Its really nice to find this forum and get to know fellow Mavic pilots. Please advise where can I fly my Mavic Air to get some hands on in Berlin...The parks near my apartment (comes under permissible...
  4. Sun Rises In The West

    Sun Rises In The West

    I have tested some features in Photoshop
  5. R

    That's the winter in the west of Germany

    Unfortunately there is very little snow here in the west of Germany in winter! This is the first panorama shot with my Mavic Air.
  6. Green country

    Green country

  7. A

    Germany and UK drone laws

    Hi, I am going to Germany and UK next month from Australia. Can I take my Mavic pro with me. Just to check if there is any issue with Customs and flying drone in these countries.
  8. szh

    Regulations in Germany (2018) and reliability of Airmap

    I am looking for reliable, complete, and up-to-date information on drone regulations in Germany, as well as practical advice on flying there. There are several web pages and forum posts on this topic, but most seem incomplete, or they do not fully agree with each other. I do not speak German...
  9. Mikewilltakeyouto

    HAMBURG in 4K

    Went to Hamburg for work, got some free time and heres what came out of it! Criticism welcome!
  10. B

    Frankfurt in One Day

    Check out my footage from Frankfurt. Half with Mavic and half with GoPro. Really miss the Romerburg area..
  11. My start with a Mavic

    My start with a Mavic

    My First flights in the Marzling area, Germany, Bavaria, typical bavarian landscape,
  12. T

    A large castle, Schloss Wenrigerode, filmed with the Mavic

    I recently went to Germany for business and brought my Mavic with. I love castles and I was impressed by the video I was able to capture with the Mavic. I'd appreciate any feedback on how I might improve my filming or editing in the future.
  13. Marco Cantieni

    Black Forest Lake

    I catched a quarry lake on the western edge of the Northern Black Forest. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  14. Marty McFly

    Newbie from Germany

    Hello everybody, for two weeks now I have been a proud owner of a Mavic Pro copter. A great machine with great possibiliteis. It is my first flying device and I like to share experience, questions, solutions, emotions and opinions. I am looking forward to fly this forum with you. Best regards...
  15. Domaenico

    Above the clouds on a foggy day

    Hi Mavic enthusiasts, this is a short footage I made from the first day flying my Mavic back in December. On ground level you could roughly see like 15 meters but above 60 meters, the world looked different. Looking forward to get your comments. Dom