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collision avoidance

  1. Steve F

    Air 2 MA2 flying through the trees on a foggy morning

    I have been impressed with the MA2 in cinematic (tripod) mode and its collision avoidance capabilities. The following is a video I captured flying through a grove of oak trees under foggy conditions. With the collision avoidance sensors on it gives me a good degree of confidence for avoiding...
  2. B

    Collision avoidance failure - covered by guarantee?

    Problem? Camera gimbal and propellers broken Was unit in a crash? Yes What have you tried so far? Gimbal is not workind, nothing to do about that. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Honor 7 lite What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? Mavic Pro...
  3. Ian in London

    Why the Pro behaves so differently in strong winds from the Air

    I don't usually fly in Sports Mode and had often noticed the Pro to be struggling or even drifting in moderate wind, requiring me to flip it into Sports to regain its speed or direction. So the other day I did a test. And sure enough in a strong head wind, keeping it in standard mode, it...
  4. L

    Collision avoidance between two DJI drones?

    If I fly my DJI Mavic Pro at the same time as my friend’s DJI Phantom 3 Pro will it automatically avoid collision between each other? And will it work in Sports mode as well?
  5. Member

    8 Questions for Mavic owners

    Here are some questions from someone who doesn't own a Mavic yet but likely will in the next few days. Manual: check [multiple times] Youtube: check [reviews, unboxings, stress tests, missions, crashes and compilations] Apologies if any of this is answered clearly in the manual or in a video...