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color grading

  1. S

    I would like to add a cinematic look to your footage in D-Log

    First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alexander and I have been working as a colorist for a while now, but am currently out of a job. I have seen that many find it difficult to color their footage in D-Log and I would like some of you to share some clips of a few seconds or...
  2. Yaros

    Thoughts on this style of color grading?

    Yesterday my friend and I were editing a drone video we recorded of Portocolom, Mallorca, and wanted to try something a bit different on color grading. Here is how it turned out! Would like to receive any comments and suggestions how to improve it! Shot on Air 2S and Air 2. D-Log and...
  3. Yaros

    Getting pixelation in sky when adding saturation in DaVinci Resolve 17

    Hello, I have been trying to color grade some footage in DaVinci Resolve, and I get this weird issue where it would pixelate the sky when I increase the saturation, here is an example: Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. J

    Greetings from Finland, also my first drone video!

    Hello to you all, long time forumstalker and professional photographer here, reporting in from Finland. I got my mavic 2 pro last week, and have been flying for 8 hours now, creating a teaser trailer for my upcoming photo exhibition. I actually preordered the Air 2, but cancelled my order, and...
  5. J

    Spark video profile on Mavic

    Hi, How many people would be interested in a Spark video profile on the Mavic, or video profiles on both devices that produced as identical as possible results? I have both a Mavic Pro and a Spark, I'm not a professional, and am really more of a gadget person than anything else, so I tend not...
  6. B

    Polar Pro filters - LUTs

    I use Adobe Premiere to edit, and recently bought the Polar Pro Vivid collection of filters for my Mavic Pro. I shoot mostly in D-log, but I've noticed that my D-log-to-XXX LUTs don't work when I apply them to videos shot with the Polar Pro filters. The colors are totally blown out. Are...
  7. CLwilliams

    MDR//CA Shot on Mavic Pro

    Quick video shot on the Mavic Pro. Gave it a tilt shift look:
  8. Digitaldias

    LUT for D-Log

    Hi all! I have been looking up tutorials on color corrections for the Mavic Pro and one that came in highly recommended, named "GroundControl_D-Log_to_709_LUT-2017" is made specifically for the Mavic AFTER they re-introduced D-Log (using D-Log -1, -3, -3 in the when filming) I find that it...
  9. heo3480

    Easy Color Grading - DaVinci Resolve 14

    You might think that color correction is too difficult to learn and you will be better off with the standard footage from the done. Trust me, the process is super easy with the use of LUT’s or look up tables It’s well worth spending a little time on post processing getting a far better result...
  10. P

    WeedControl Try-Out with DJI Mavic

    Dear dronefans, With my replaced Mavic I made my first video for a friend of mine. His company sells poisonfree methods to clear weeds in local environments. One of the items is a quad with a heatblaster attached to it. I made a video as a try-out, more will follow maybe. Shot in D-Log with...