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  1. Yaros

    Color Assist with D-Cinelike on Mavic Air 2 not available?

    I saw this in the release notes of DJI fly app 1.4.2, now I have DJI fly 1.5.4 and this feature is not available. Is it only on the Air 2S? So there is no such feature on the Air 2?
  2. m80116

    Grading it Old school with Movie Studio

    Hello... fellow Mavic Mini pilot here. Grading my footage I've quickly found out that... while I'd truly like to apply LUTs to my videos, I probably couldn't find anything universal that could suit my mood, my scenes, lights and so on. So I resort to manual everything instead. As for the...
  3. M

    Mavic Air - Best Color Grade Software for Flat looking footage?

    I have been loving my mavic air after having it for a week or two, but one thing that I am having trouble with is the color grading. I learnt to shoot in D-Cinelike, with a really soft picture profile, Something like 0, -2, -3. Problem is, when I go to color grade, which I thought would be...
  4. Jim D

    Autumn up the Mt. Loop

    Mavic 2 Pro
  5. Shawn3D

    How To Get EPIC Professional Looking Cinematic Footage From Your Dji Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro

    Hey Guys, read this extremely useful post to help you with a few tips and tricks to getting your footage looking great. Highly recommended... ARTICLE HERE
  6. M

    Blue Tint on Horizon

    Hello MavicPilots, I was shooting a video in normal color mode and got this blue tint on the horizon. This only affected shots where the gimbal was straight. The white balance was set to "Sunny". Is there a way to evade this issue? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Any help is...
  7. heo3480

    Easy Color Grading - DaVinci Resolve 14

    You might think that color correction is too difficult to learn and you will be better off with the standard footage from the done. Trust me, the process is super easy with the use of LUT’s or look up tables It’s well worth spending a little time on post processing getting a far better result...
  8. Thestig

    Dji Mavic with FLIR thermal cam

    Hi. Thanks for membership. Here is a little video I made on my youtube channel. Testing out the Mavic with FLIR technology.
  9. J

    Quick flight test and color grading test

    Just throwing this out here: Is your footage coming off blurry on the edges as well? I wonder if it's a mix of the compression + high detail in the trees + f2.2 that makes it look soft or if it's manufacturing error. Will do more tests soon