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commercial license

  1. cgmaxed

    The Part 107 Exam isn't as hard as you may think. You need a 70% to Pass it.

    I took the FAAs part 107 sample exam yesterday. I never formally studied for it. I just picked up information as I needed as a Recreational Pilot over the last 2 years. Most information gathered was from Forums (like this one), the FAA guidelines themselves, Legal/law websites and Youtube...
  2. wilmutiny3

    New Mavic Air2 pilot! working on part 107 studying...

    Hey guys! I'm not a new drone pilot, but new to Mavic Air 2. I've previously had the Mavic Mini, but finally upgraded. My air 2 arrives on Friday 3/12/21. I'm looking into getting my commercial license and have noticed there's a ridiculous amount of guides, videos and courses and possibly...
  3. HALdrone_1

    Mavic Insurance

    what are my options in terms of insurance? I will eventually get my commercial license and my drone will be part of the insurance certificate for any production i work for - but what about the other times i fly on my own? whats possible? whats out there? and what do you fine people use? thanks!!
  4. jmalonear

    Hello from Northeast Arkansas!

    Hi there! I recently joined this site and didn't see this thread until today! I am a photographer and videographer in Northeast Arkansas, that decided to become a drone pilot! I am currently flying a Mavic Pro, and I do have my Part 107 FAA License. I try to upload videos regularly to my...
  5. The_Skyman23

    Sending a shoutout from Boston MA, USA!

    Hey everyone! Just signed up to the forum to get to know the Mavic community! I am part 107 certified licensed commercial flight in the US. Currently working on a larger portfolio piece as to market myself, but I've been making little 30 second teasers for my social media outlets. Here's a...
  6. J

    Northwest Arkansas

    I have been flying my Mavic Pro for about 2 weeks now. Hoping to get my commercial license so I can put it to work for me.