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  1. D

    Lost connectivity with the Mini 3 Pro. The aircraft did not regain communication until the aircraft was restarted.

    Hi, I flew a drone today. At some point I lost the image from the drone but I could still control it. I started flying to the launch site. After a while I lost any connection with the drone. I waited a few seconds for the drone to reconnect. Several seconds passed and the drone did not regain...
  2. aerialnorthwest

    AI Benefits for Drone Pilots: OpenAI and ChatGPT

    Happy Wednesday Airmates! The commercial drone industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, with drones being used for everything from aerial photography and surveying to package delivery and search and rescue missions. As the demand for drone services continues to rise, so too does the...
  3. aerialnorthwest

    Elevator Pitch: A Primary Sales Tool for Drone Pilots

    Happy Saturday Dronist Brothers and Sisters! To start or grow a profitable drone service business, it is important for commercial drone pilots to continuously fill their prospect pipeline. The success of their business depends on how well they communicate their brand's message to prospective...
  4. H

    Unable to take off but everything is working

    Hi guys, I have DJI Mini 2. The controller detects the drone, can film and operate the camera but it's not taking off. When I switch the drone on it does the usual movement & beep with gimbal looking around but the back light flashes various colours. My codes: 40012 - gimbal connection 30045 -...
  5. A

    Comms lost and nearly lost Mavic too

    Hi everyone (Just before posting I found other recent threads with similar issues, but if admin allows I'd like to post this again as the number of posts are worrying!) I had a bit of a close call on Saturday. I took the Mavic out for a flight, and what should have been a short and easy...