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  1. aerialnorthwest

    Cold-Calling Dos and Don’ts for Drone Pilots

    Happy Weekend Aerial Cohorts! Drone pilots who are looking for new clients can use cold-calling to reach them (and that's what many do). But when making your approach it’s important to have a clear, confident, and effective approach to grab their attention and leave a lasting impression. This...
  2. aerialnorthwest

    Being Different: Drone Pilot Differentiation Strategy

    “Always stay one step ahead of your competition – three steps would be even better!” Hello friends and Mavic Pilot flying cohorts! As our commercial drone industry continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for us drone pilots to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. By...
  3. aerialnorthwest

    Guide to Pricing Your Drone Services

    Happy Sunday! I wanted to share some intel with you regarding our recent business growth strategy presentation. One of the sessions focused on competitive pricing strategies for commercial drone pilots, specifically, how to develop a profitable "Rate Card" for their services. As a result of...
  4. aerialnorthwest

    Drone Business Growth | Understanding Your Competition in 2023

    Happy New Year! Recently, I was called upon to teach business growth strategy before a group of small business commercial drone pilots. This article was posted from one of the sessions detailing the precepts of how to more accurately identify and respond to local (head-to-head) drone market...
  5. Yaros

    Air 2 My Audiio Challenge Submission

    My submission for Audiio Aerial Challenge! This was posted a while back on YouTube, but wanted to post it here as well :)
  6. T

    3 Drone Footage Competition

    Hey everyone! The company I work for @Aerologix is currently running a drone stock footage competition with $7000 to be won (free to enter and available to Australian residents). I thought this would be a great opportunity for members of this group to enter! In addition to the cash prizes...

    DJI Drones and the lack of competition. The DJI Story.

    I posted this in the Phantom general discussion, so I may as well post this here. This is a topic I'm sure many of you long time DJI owners have been wondering about.