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  1. rossmoney

    Incase Compression Case

    Absolutely LOVing my Incase compression case for the MP. As pictured, It holds the mavic, 4 batteries, controller, extra blades, and my landing leg extension kit. (Also pictured is my favorite new lipo battery case by Telesin, $9, holds two batteries) The compression case itself is 1.5 lbs...
  2. D

    Mavic Pro: why DJI doesn't fix this huge flickering/compression problem?

    Hello everyone I got my Mavic since a few days, and being an experienced photographer and good experience with video as well, I'm really disappointed. I've done three days of intense tests, pictures quality is really good, videos quality (compression algorithm) is appalling. Below raw footage...
  3. N

    Better compression?

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that the compression on the Mavic is really bad compared to the Phantoms. You can mostly see that when shooting very detailed areas like trees. Do you think it would be possible for DJI to implement a better compression through a firmware update or do you think this...