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  1. winkiel82

    Pro Reconstruction of the Warszawa Zachodnia Station #16

  2. winkiel82

    Pro Construction of a tram depot in Warsaw #04

  3. S

    Mini 2 Worldwide House iconic 1970’s building

    This is an iconic office building in Peterborough uk. Built in the early 1970’s and has stood the test of time. I worked in Worldwide House for 7 years, such a wonderful place.
  4. Farm St Gravel operations

    Farm St Gravel operations

    Land clearing in Blackstone MA for sand and gravel mining
  5. winkiel82

    Pro Construction of a tram depot in Warsaw's Annopol #3

  6. winkiel82

    Pro Construction of the Polish History Museum #19

  7. winkiel82

    Pro Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle footbridge in Warsaw #10

  8. winkiel82

    Pro Construction of the new Warszawa Zachodnia station

  9. winkiel82

    Construction of a pedestrian and bicycle footbridge in Warsaw #08

  10. blackomega

    Mini 3 LNG Canada in Kitimat, latest look at the construction

    Latest LNG Canada update
  11. H

    Air 2 Shchunat Hakaravanim, Bat Yam, Israel

    Shot in August 2021. I should probably shoot another video in August 2022. Shchunat Hakaravanim, translated as "Trailer Park Neighborhood", is a neighborhood in Bat Yam which could end up getting extinct due to the rapid construction work taking part in the area hoping to build skyscrapers and a...
  12. blackomega

    Air 2s Expansion of a container port

    Update on container port expansion in Prince Rupert British Columbia
  13. blackomega

    2 Zoom A new hospital being built

    A new hospital is being constructed in Terrace BC Canada enjoy the video
  14. TampaTC

    For those that may want to share live feeds in todays work environment.

    I am a UAV pilot at work and have developed the program from nothing to getting funding and training others. It is not my major part of my job but it is a highly promotional part that highlights my department as well as myself. I fly construction projects, pre-designed, stages thru the process...
  15. Construction of the bridge in Kurów over the Dunajec River. Road DK75. November 2020.

    Construction of the bridge in Kurów over the Dunajec River. Road DK75. November 2020.

    Construction of the bridge in Kurów over the Dunajec River. Road DK75. November 2020.
  16. blackomega

    Railway Siding construction

    Heres my latest. Current progress of the new siding "Skeena" between Prince Rupert and Terrace This is just the start of the project. I will post more videos when more work is done Please share with your friends, Like and subscribe.
  17. blackomega

    Harbour Dredging for a new LNG terminal

    Good Morning Pilots In the small town of Kitimat they are working on building one of Canada's First liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals and its quite the undertaking. At the moment they are dredging the harbour. to make it deeper I presume. Finally the stars aligned with weather and day off...
  18. D

    Is the Mavic Pro good for hard condition photography?

    I own a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone and mostly use it for construction photography and video for public and private contractors. I have to go twice a month to the construction sites, usually outside the city in rural areas. One big client is constructing a new highway and I fly the drone...
  19. jpbluzharp

    Oh, the things we see...

    Had two all day shoots on a modular construction site.. Love working with construction guys because if you're good at what you do.. that's good enough for them. They're not gawking at the camera which allows you to get really great action shots.. Crane op was a stone cold pro.. Had time to take...
  20. OmniDrone Aerial

    Roof Inspection: The Smart Way

    We're getting better at this :)