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For those that may want to share live feeds in todays work environment.


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Mar 21, 2019
United States-Florida-Tampa Bay Area
I am a UAV pilot at work and have developed the program from nothing to getting funding and training others. It is not my major part of my job but it is a highly promotional part that highlights my department as well as myself. I fly construction projects, pre-designed, stages thru the process and post construction. It has helped to show what our money is going towards and has opened the purse strings to getting more funding for upcoming projects.
I provide images and videos of the projects for use at meetings. Last week I upped the game, We use MicrosoftTeams for many of our meetings and have many people that have questions and like the products I put out. So our last meeting I started it off with a live feed of me flying the construction sight. I used my IPhone with Teams on it and selected share screen. I had DJI Go4 running and connected to the OEM controller wich is set up as my Slave controller. This gave everyone the cam image live from a M2P. I used my Master controller Smart Controller to fly and could interact in real time to the participants. I flew for 20 min just overviewing the project. I brought it in changed battery and back up now taking request to look at spicicific areas. Taking photos of exactly what clients wanted.
What benefit will this bring? The current project is 7million dollars, 40% self funded and 60% Grant funded. If funds are available at the end of this project, it could be much easier to ask for a Matrice 300 and or a Enterprise.
I'm not doing anything others aren't doing just posting to maybe inspire others with Ideas to advance their self-promotion.
Safe flying all..
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That is great , were always keeping tabs on those using the tools for the most productive and creative ways,
What is the game , you refer to ?
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