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smart controller

  1. flynsign

    SOLD/ ONLY 2 HOURS OF USE: Mavic 2 Pro - Fly More combo, Epson BT-35E Glasses, Smart Controller, lots of extras (Pro level bundle) - $2500 firm

    This Mavic 2 Pro has less than 2 hours flight time. I'm only selling because my new job has me moving around too much and taking too much time and therefore decided not to start my drone business I had planned on when purchasing. Everything I'm selling is in pristine, virtually brand new...
  2. M

    SC Tells Me I need to Calibrate the Vision Sensors

    1# So I'm getting a red warning message that is telling me on my Smart Controller that I need to calibrate the Vision Sensors with the DJI Assisant on a PC or Mac. So I connect my M2P via USB cable, launch the DJI Assisant 2 on my Mac, find the calibration tab enter the screen size of my...
  3. O

    Mavic 2 dual enterprise Smart Controller thermal question

    Hi all, I purchased the m2 dual for use of the thermal option. However I’m seeing a lot of video tutorials on this isotherm feature and it cannot be found in the Smart Controller which runs on the dji pilot app...yet the dji go 4 app seems to have it. Can someone help me find this isotherm...
  4. J

    Low Image Quality Transferring Files

    Hello All, This may be a dumb question or an easy fix. But I was transferring files (pictures and videos) from the "Internal Storage" on my smart controller to the micro sd card I had in the slot. When I moved them from the internal storage to the micro sd card, I went to look at them on my...
  5. mrparish

    Casting to my 70 tv

    Orientation on the video is upside down, my apologies. I did not realize I could cast to any screen I want. If everyone already knew about this, disregard. Steps: Open settings Go to Sound Click Cast That will display available sources(monitors,screens,etc.) Select display and you’re good to go...
  6. Atlas94

    Battery Gauge not working while running Litchi on SC

    Hey All, I know I have seen a thread on this, but I have been searching for two days and cannot seem to locate it via the search feature. I am using Litchi on SC with my Mavic 2 pro and everything seems to be working correctly with manual flight, waypoint missions, etc. However, my battery...
  7. S

    Storage Confusion and CACHE MODE - Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Smart Controller

    Hello! I'm so confused. I have the Mavic 2 Pro and just got the DJI Smart Controller and both the drone and the controller have SD cards installed. ***My ideal would be record full rez footage to drone's SD card but cache/backup to Smart Controller.*** 3 Questions 1) Cache Mode??? My drone's...
  8. Q

    Smart Controller and Split Control

    I have a Mavic 2 Pro with the smart controller. I would like to use an IPad Pro to allow my partner to run the camera controls, especially for taking photos, since she has a more artistic eye, loves to set everything manually, and will be editing the raw files. I want to let her to do what she...
  9. Keule

    Assistant 2 for Mavic (updated Apr 25, 2019) v.2.0.8

    ALCON: There is a update of Assistant 2 for Mavic 2.0.8 on DJI's download site. It could be related to the Smart Controller update at the same date. For those having troubles updating the SC, try this Assistant 2 for Mavic version. https://www.dji.com/downloads/softwares/assistant-dji-2-for-mavic
  10. R

    The Haircut

    Short youtube video of my mavic haircut...
  11. D

    Anyone able to fly automated paths using SC?

    I’m looking for an automated flight application that will run on my Smart Controller. Seems the main ones don’t yet support SC... DroneDeploy, Pix4D, DJI GroundStationPro. Also, DroneBase just made it a requirement to use an iOS/Android app called AugmentedUAS for all eagleView insurance...
  12. B

    Is anyone else having Smart Controller map orientation issues?

    I purchased a DJI Smart Controller with my Mavic 2 Pro and love it's brightness and convenience. However, I'm very disappointed with its inaccurate orientation of the map. When I callibrate the SC compass its orientation is frequently up to 20 to 25 degrees out. Then when I rotate the SC, it's...
  13. pickett22

    Use SD card in Smart Controller vs Zoom

    Aloha, newbie here with quick question. The Smart Controller and Mavic 2 Zoom have external Micro SD Card slots - is one better than the other to record video? Can you have a card in each and change record locations on the controller once one fills up?