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  1. F

    Mavic 2 Pro Blurry Images and Videos (SOLVED!)

    Hi everyone, I need help troubleshooting some problems with my Mavic2Pro camera: 1. Experiencing blurry images and videos. 2. Attempted adjusting smaller f-number but it sacrifices shadows. Although it increases the sharpness but auto/manual focus wont work 3. Cleaned the lenses, but the issue...
  2. A

    Mavic 2 Pro

    Mavic 2 Pro for sale. Includes original box and everything that was included in the fly more kit (drone, 3 batteries, remote controller, etc). Everything is in great shape. $1000 + shipping (Ships from Pittsburgh)
  3. C

    M2P Props Question

    Quick two questions regarding M2P props and flight hours…is there a general recommendation for how often props are replaced? As in, after so many flights or hours? Second, is there a way to check the number of flight hours to date on the M2P? I have the smart controller, so if somebody could...
  4. M

    2 Pro silent moments in the german Alps - Winter Wonderland

    … the first Snow in this Winter …
  5. C

    Mavic 2 Pro Battery Issue

    I’ve had some concerns, problems, with my Mavic 2 pro batteries. Here’s the deal… This has happened with older batteries, and even newer batteries… A couple that I’ve barely had any hours on. I charge the batteries fully, and I update them on the computer very often before flights. Yet multiple...
  6. T

    Keep batteries in hibernation or charge them

    Hi, so I got two new batteries from DJI as a replacement for the ones that were puffed. So, as I have 3 batteries, two are with 30+ charges and one is 105 charges but it's working perfectly fine. My question is, should I bring two new batteries out of hibernation or not, if I'm not planning to...
  7. D

    Mavic 2 Pro fly without GPS suggestions

    Hello. I need to fly my M2P inside of a large open warehouse with no GPS. I've never done this before and not sure what to expect. Will I still be able to accurately control the drone or will it start squirting around unpredictably? Any help / suggestions would be appreciated! (I do have prop...
  8. J

    Camera not level when flat

    Hi all, I've been noticing an issue with my M2P, which seems to be getting more noticeable - the camera when pointed straight down doesnt seem to be fully level/flat. I believe this is the case because: 1) in post production when rotating the photos, there's a tilt, by which one way looks...
  9. P

    2 Pro My first manual HDR Panoramic

    Hello to all, I just tested my new M2P with a first time manual HDR Pano composed of 12 raw pictures x (5 pictures/1 stop difference) = 60 total. Complete post process done with Lightroom, it worked just fine and result is quit impressive. Usually I was using jpeg format and stitch with PTgui...
  10. TampaTC

    For those that may want to share live feeds in todays work environment.

    I am a UAV pilot at work and have developed the program from nothing to getting funding and training others. It is not my major part of my job but it is a highly promotional part that highlights my department as well as myself. I fly construction projects, pre-designed, stages thru the process...
  11. Garatshay

    2 Pro Following the Ferry Construction Project - Kingston, Ontario

    This short video shows the work being done to construct a new, improved ferry terminal for the link between Kingston, Ontario and Wolfe Island. Temps were very low, but I place an electronic handwarmer in the drone case and battery temps were in the 20s C...rising during flight. I highly...
  12. Coskier

    2 Pro Loveland Pass Backcountry Terrain, Colorado, USA

    Had an unusually calm day last weekend, weather wise, on top of the Continental Divide in Colorado. So I thought I would see what I could get with the M2P.
  13. take a hike

    2 Pro Mesmerizing views from Mt. Ardon

    Practicing my drone flying skills while climbing the 250 meter steep walls of Mt. Ardon. Hope you enjoy !!! CRANK UP THE VOLUME & SET FULL SCREEN
  14. S

    Mavic 2 Pro crashed with IMU switch - what went wrong?

    Hi, my Mavic 2 Profall out of the sky into the ocean (not recoverable). This were the last seconds of my drone: The drone was about 200m height, the video transmission look suddenly as if my mavic went upside down. Then i lost the video transmission. The app told me that the aircraft is going...
  15. G

    Drifting in hyperlaps videos

    Hi guys, I'm having the M2P for some time now and still testing it's capabilities. A couple of days ago I tried the hyperlaps modes and have some concerns. There are some drone shakings even in short hyperlaps videos. I have uploaded a sample here: The wind conditions are 3-5m/s gusts...
  16. Astrobutch

    Our planets lungs..

    New to drone photography and flying in general. Took this on Christmas Eve at a place local to me, I will never cease to wonder at the views from above, there is a magic to them, a beautiful perspective that are just so unique, I hope you find them as engaging and inspiring as I do.. I call this...
  17. christangey

    Australia's Northern Territory- the "Top End"

    The latest in a series I'm doing with the M2P in HLG format, this time I head to croc country and to the backyard, the top end of my own Northern Territory.
  18. L

    Summer and clouds

    Was so much fog and got couple months ago nice "above clouds" material.
  19. Jet skier

    Summer scenes- Minneapolis

    Local Summer scenesLocal Summer scenes Minneapolis
  20. SoCalDude