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Drifting in hyperlaps videos


Dec 16, 2019
Hi guys,

I'm having the M2P for some time now and still testing it's capabilities.

A couple of days ago I tried the hyperlaps modes and have some concerns. There are some drone shakings even in short hyperlaps videos.

I have uploaded a sample here:

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The wind conditions are 3-5m/s gusts (not constant).

I made some additional tests and it's always the same. I've seen many hyperlaps videos made with M2P without any shakings. I thought the gimbal should help with this kind of issues.

DO you think that there could be a problem with my machine? Or there should be zero wind in order to make a still hyperlaps video?

Clip is very brief. Not sure I can see a problem.
I shoot a lot of hyperlapse sunsets. Never had a problem with shaky video.
Maybe it’s your playback device ... or did you change the frame rate in post?
No, I haven't edited the video, just uploaded to YouTube.

Here's another video:

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Really? I can see how it's moving left and right. Yes, the movements aren't big, but notable.
Looked again. If I focus purely on the tree ( or bush, etc) on the horizon I can see a little drift. If I just watch the vid I don’t find it noticeable or distracting
OK, maybe drifting is the better description, not shaking, sorry. But you can see it, right?
I get shake (sometimes very small) quite often in hyperlapse. I'm still looking into post-processing stablization. Any wind at all is a problem, and that includes wind from moving the Mavic.

Having it set in one place, with no wind, helps. One still gets the advantage of a camera in the sky where we could not place our tripods... but movement would be nice too.

Seems to me that it's almost impossible to keep the drone absolutely stationary......I can see the drift in both videos, especially when I place my cursor on a point in the foreground. Stationary hyperlapses are especially susceptible to this problem. To minimize the impact of drift, it's advantageous to do hyperlapses that don't have terrain etc. in the near foreground.
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