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M2P Props Question

Jun 29, 2020
Warrenton, OR
Quick two questions regarding M2P props and flight hours…is there a general recommendation for how often props are replaced? As in, after so many flights or hours? Second, is there a way to check the number of flight hours to date on the M2P? I have the smart controller, so if somebody could direct me to where this info can be found I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance, all you dronies!
@Cloudycoastphotography ,cant help you with the smart controller question ,as i have never owned one
but with regards to changing props ,then there is no set in stone ,recommendation for the number of flights ,or flight time ,for changing them
there are so many variables ,that contribute to the life span of props ,such as flying style ,abrasives such as sand if flying near the sea ,how they are stored ,the list goes on and on
all you can do is during your pre-flight check ,is to inspect them carefully for any damage ,and also the condition of the hub as well ,you can of course have a set replacement interval written into your maintenance schedule, if you are flying commercially but really as long as the props are not subject to damage, from coming into contact with an immovable object them they should last a considerable time
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is there a way to check the number of flight hours to date on the M2P?
If you are asking about the Mavic 2 pro, open your app and click the Me icon on the lower right of the first page.

On the next page, click on Flight Record

That brings up your flight records.
If you've only ever flown just one aircraft with that app, then your hours are found on the centre left of screen.
If you've flown a number of drones on the app, click the little blue down arrow in upper right and you can select flights for an individual aircraft.
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