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  1. C

    M2P Props Question

    Quick two questions regarding M2P props and flight hours…is there a general recommendation for how often props are replaced? As in, after so many flights or hours? Second, is there a way to check the number of flight hours to date on the M2P? I have the smart controller, so if somebody could...
  2. C

    Are the props in the shot still?

    Looking to pull the trigger on an Air 2S but I was hoping that DJI fixed the props in the shot issue. I can’t find anything online about it being fixed yet with an update. Anyone have any info on this? Just curious.
  3. M

    How do I get this prop back on?

    Hey all, a few months ago I crashed my drone into a tree branch (fairly light crash, just got stuck then used a pool scooper to pull it down). The props got a bit cracked up so I have been replacing them now that lockdown is easing and want to fly again - but I can only get 3 props on. The...
  4. Drone UK

    Stealth Mavic Props Detailed Review VS OEM

  5. D

    Original Mavic Mini Replacement Props

    Hello Mavic Pilots! Maybe was already posted somewhere, but can you somebody post purchase links for the original mavic mini props? i prefer ebay or europeam amazon sites. I see a lot third party ones but not the original ones... It seems that some of the errors (low power, not enough power...
  6. JohnChap

    Drones on planes

    I recently noticed this message at an Emirates counter (not the check-in counter but the pre-boarding one). I asked the person what the issue is with drones. The reply was that the drones have (prop) blades and so are a security issue. Needless to say I didn't own up that I have a drone nor...
  7. I

    How often should you change Props?

    So overlooked, But how often should you change them? Which ones to use? DJI or 3rd Party?
  8. Gringorio

    Props in checked baggage?

    I'm good at asking stupid questions, so here's one: I'll be flying to Mexico and I've watched a few videos on how to take drones on airline flights. One video said to put the props in checked baggage because they could be considered a cutting/slashing tool. Is this true or is it safe to keep...
  9. M

    Mavic 2 Propellers on Mavic Pro

    The Mavic Pro platinum uses 8.3X3.1 propellers the Mavic 2 uses 8.7X4.3 props The Mavic Pro uses a 3S battery Compared to 4S used by the Mavic 2 With that in mind has anyone tried the Mavic 2 props on the Mavic Pro? The bigger props will probably use more current but also spin slower since...
  10. I

    Tried Out LED Props...Enlightening

    Tried out these LED Props for the Mavic PRO. Was pretty impressed with the effect. Would be great for events, impress your friends etc. Defo for occasional use though, saw a little bit of drift when turning. Something to "brighten" up your flying though
  11. E

    Cheap Low-Noise Props

    Just about when I was getting a 2 set of low noise props from DJI website, I noticed the shipping to my country (Portugal) was more expensive than the blades themselves (20€ for the blades + 28€ shipping). I then searched for alternatives and found these Original Props: Original DJI Mavic...
  12. I

    Got the New Low-Noise Props? Have you found the same?

    So got the Low-Noise props to put on the Mavic pro. Got a couple of issues, have you found the same? Popping out when folded?
  13. Chrizk0

    So I bought one pair of 8331 props..

    Do I only get one pair of two or the full set when it ships? I bought the first pair a while back already. If I only get one pair should I buy a second separate pair to have four props? thanks
  14. Mako79

    Mavic Platinum Props on a Mavic Pro Noise Test

    It will definitely make the Mavic Pro quieter. Looks like its a combination of motors and props to achieve the "60%" drop in noise. Would like to see an battery test with the 8331 props on the Mavic Pro to test efficiency. *not my vid* but enjoy.
  15. S

    Low-Noise Propeller Swap

    Does anyone know if the New Platinum's Quiet Props can be used on the standard Pro to reduce the noise even a little? I understand there are motor differences as well that contribute to the muting, but if the props can be swapped to muffle the Pro even a little, that would be nice.
  16. Mako79

    Is everyone upgrading to the Platinum props?

    So is everyone going Mavic Pro with Platinum props?
  17. TrayBoz

    Mavic Platinum Props on the Standard Mavic

    I think the million dollar question is: When I put the newly-designed Mavic Platinum props on my standard Mavic, am I going to hear a significant noise reduction? Anyone have the new props yet and tried this? Please post here when you do, I'd love to know.
  18. jontracey

    How often do you change your props ?

    Recently someone asked me how long they should fly a set of props before retiring them and it got me thinking. Finding no good info anywhere I thought it would make a good subject for a video. So here it is..
  19. Qoncussion

    How long have you been flying your original props?

    I used to balance and change out props on my P2 fairly regularly. I have flown 49 total miles on my Mavic's original props, and they still seem to be solid. I keep them clean and inspect them for damage, as well as checking their friction at the hub to see if they're loosening up. So far, no...
  20. B

    Mavic Pro Prop Hub Balancing

    I’m learning as much as I can about the Mavic Pro systems right now and getting my equipment in order while waiting for better flying weather. I appreciate what I have learned from you all on this forum! I put my props on a Du-Bro balancer just to see what happens. Spun them up first using my...