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  1. T

    IMU and compass calibration issues after firmware update

    right after I upload most recent firmware, I get a system warning- check app message system status shows I need to calibrate compass and IMU gimbal connection issues and accelerator... issue when tryinfg to initiate either calibration I get no response DJI online tech support had no possible...
  2. kenzenichi

    My Incredibly Easy and Free Way to Mount the 5.5 Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro Controller

    Given the expensive and / or elaborate solutions to mounting the 5.5 inch Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro controller, I'm a little surprised that no one has tried this: Simply removed the three screws from the bottom of each Mavic controller arm and slide the rubber feet out. The added width is...
  3. I

    help for mavic controller

    hi i have have problem with mavic controller when is push power button one time its not show batery porcent and when i push two time swich on controller works but screen is black nothing i can see i flight 5 times and 3 times happent that is there any body help me?
  4. D

    New Mavic Dead Stick HELP!

    Ordered my Mavic Nov. 4th and FINALLY recieved it Jan 21st only to discover that the left controller stick isn't working! I'm greeted by a god awful beeping and a screen prompting me to recalibrate the controller. When I attempt to re-calibrate, it doesn't recognize my left stick... at all...
  5. phemmert

    Weak Controller Transmission Signal

    Brand new Mavic, maiden flight today, finding that I'm unable to get beyond about 100 feet vertically and/or 50 feet horizontally, I begin to lose controller transmission signal. I see a warning on the app, and the radio signal strength icon steadily decreases to near zero when I get up above...