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corrupted file

  1. A

    SD card failed mid flight without notifying me, ideas on how to save the footage?

    This is the first time I've had this problem & it's a good one. An sd card I've been using for 2+ years failed on me mid flight leaving the files unusable by all of my editing software. I can play the video from my mac's media player, but I get maybe 20% of the frames. I have the cached files...
  2. ppgandyg

    MM 2.7K Video Issue - Anyone seen this before?

    I was launching my Mini for fun on roof of my building. I connected and camera was working, so I started flying. I realized then I wanted to switch to 2.7K so I selected it and started the video while flying. I then received a notice on my screen about the airspace and to enter an unlock code...
  3. G

    Mavic 4k footage not showing up on SD card

    So, I was in Iceland shooting epic footage of myself and a friend on the side of a cliff. Once in a lifetime stuff. When we got back from the hike and put the SD card into the reader, nothing showed up in Mac's file folder viewer. SD card info: SanDisk Ultra 128GB UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDXC...
  4. PilotMan7700

    SD Card Recovery

    Well, not sure how it happened but my card got corrupted somehow. Does anybody know of a good totally FREE piece of software that can be used to recover files on a card that has lost it's format. So I got done with my first 4K shoot. It took just shy of 2 batteries to fill a 64GB card, not sure...
  5. H

    Run transferred files PROBLEM

    Hi guys I am having some problems opening my transferred files on my laptop and computer, both .mov and .jpeg. Cannot open them, cannot visualize them... with any software. Some "corrupt file" messages appear. Do you have any idea about it?? how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Corrupted/Unopenable .MOV and .MP4 files

    So I've had the Mavic about a month now and flown it at every possible opportunity. The first time I discovered an unopenable file was after a full battery run and capturing one 3gb video file at 1080p in .MOV format. VLC displays the video length as 0:00 and QuickTime displays a message saying...