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Mavic 4k footage not showing up on SD card


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Aug 1, 2017
So, I was in Iceland shooting epic footage of myself and a friend on the side of a cliff. Once in a lifetime stuff.

When we got back from the hike and put the SD card into the reader, nothing showed up in Mac's file folder viewer.

SD card info:
SanDisk Ultra 128GB UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Card With Adapter- SDSDQUAN-128G-G4A [Old Version]
-contained old Gopro footage from circa 2014.
-was NOT formatted in the Mavic
-the folder 101MEDIA was created on the card at the time I first used the drone, so the Mavic did interact with the SD card somehow
-the properties on the card show that around 39GB is being used by the card, although none of those files show up in the file folder
-exFAT (at least according to file explorer)
-when I used Disk Drill to recover files, it gave me back around 86GB worth of old deleted Gopro .mp4 and .lrv files (I used it in a loop setting so there were lots of self-deleted clips). No .MOV files were found
-Disk drill did not reveal fragments of any .MOV or mavic files
-When I tried putting the SD card back into the Mavic and pressed record on the app, it showed the disk space decrementing so at least from the app's perspective it WAS recording to the SD
-also when I put the SD card back into my PC reader it showed an increase in space used as result of that recording, so it SEEMS as though SOMETHING is being written to that card even though it refuses to show up in the file folder 101MEDIA

I know that some of you will point out that I am using a class 10 card that is older and was never formatted in the Mavic and yes I am an idiot for popping that in in the field. My 16GB card was used up and I grabbed an old class 10 instead of a UH3 card that looked the exact same so that was human error and I understand that hurts the chances I can recover the footage. But based on what I've written, did the Mavic indeed write something on the SD card that can be recovered if the storage on that card read from both the app and the properties viewer show an increase as a result of trying to record 4k video from the Mavic?

I chatted online with DJI about this but their first suggestion to recover the data was to format the SD card so obviously they were not interested in solving my problem. Thank you if any of you wizards can help me with this as the footage is really incredible and I'd do anything to recover it thanks!
If no MOV files were found by recovery software it seems unlikely to be worth spending more to check. Due to unexpected folder layout it probably never wrote anything correctly.
Do you have the cached version on your device?

Good story to encourage formatting before recording which some still insist doesn't make any difference or is somehow too much trouble.
I've read it's hit and miss with a 128GB card. Dji only recommends 64GB
I've read it's hit and miss with a 128GB card. Dji only recommends 64GB

I see. I only have a 32gb and was planning to get the 128 til i read the recommendation. Ill just stick to 64gb. Also my 32gb came from my gopro as my 16gb ran out of spAce. So when i switched and was in the air, starting to record it said that i have to reformat my card. But i didnt as i still have my gopro footages in the card which i haven't transferred. So i was worried that it wouldn't record my videos. In the end i got my videos and reformatted the card after
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