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  1. Edgeedge

    Mavic Air as a crane and a dolly

    When the lights go out Just got the Air and I’ve used it in this video as a tracking dolly, crane, and a jib. Didn’t want this video to look like a drone threw up all over it just subtle camera moves and I have to say the over looked power of this drone is what it can do close to the ground...
  2. L

    Taking down a huge pine by crane

    Buddy of mine has a logging company and asked if I'd film the operation. The tree was 125 ft tall, 2 ft from a building on one side, 4 ft from the power lines on the other and a busy road just beyond. Glad I was just flying the drone and not running the crane...... First time editing footage...
  3. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.