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  1. I

    3 Week Old Mavic 2 Pro Flew Away seconds after take off

    Hello Everyone, google pointed me in this direction for some help. Last night i was about to fly around Brooklyn, New York. I saw the ready status was all green and ready to go and took off. I straight went up 66 ft. saw a view of manhattan. And then slowly watched the drone take itself further...
  2. S

    Mavic Mini Crashed into the water (video and flight log included)

    Hello, I bought a Mavic Mini one year ago, and until now I had no issues and was so happy with its performance, but the other day I just lost control of it while flying and it crashed into the water. I don't know what happened, it was flying like always and then suddenly it started losing...
  3. T

    I lost air 2s at sea... after 12% battery drone was not responsive.

    I bought my drone 3 weeks ago. i was really enjoying it. Today i lost it. I really didnt understant what happened... is there any one can explain me? There was wind but not too much it was like 25-30 kph Here i share flight log: I...
  4. H

    Lost my Mini in the woods - could someone look at the log?

    So, after a year I have now lost my drone to the forest... I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I was too low for the terrain I was in (forest full of tall trees). Nevertheless, could someone (possibly) give me some more info on what went wrong? What confuses me is that I was never able...
  5. thelazydesigner

    Mini 2 sunk in swimming pool, still alive and flying but disconnecting, what now?

    Hello there, so here's the thing: after 3+ years of perfect flights with DJI Spark in every possible risky conditions, my new Mini 2 decided to crash on a wire above a swimming pool and take a deep dive on its third flight! Do you think we could call this "excess of self-confidence"...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Small silver plate came out after a crash

    Hello, I was flying my mini2 indoor and let it hover to take video and little did I know it was moving by itself and hit the wall. I picked it up and it still works but a small silver/aluminum/stainless steel came out. I wonder if I should worry? and how difficult would that be to put it back on?
  7. D

    Replace all props?

    At the weekend, my M2P backed into a tree whilst tracking, which in itself was inexplicable. I see that one of the blades is cracked. Is it wise to replace all at once, or just the damaged one? Thanks folks! PS any recommendations for other than standard props as replacements?
  8. D

    Mavic 2 Pro flew upward sensors did not stop and hit branches

    Hi My M2P crashed when I was doing active track. The battery was low and it attempted to fly up to go to its go home height. But over hanging tree branches were in the way above it. The drone still tried to go up. Hit a branch, then flew down then kept trying again to go up. Hitting branches...
  9. G

    Question about buying a Mavic 2 blank for diy drone repair

    Hey all, was hoping to get some insight... I recently catastrophically crashed a Mavic 2 Pro that I bought Second-hand. This was not covered by DJI care refresh, so obviously all repairs will be out of pocket. As I understand, if I were to just send my aircraft in to be repaired, if it has had...
  10. G

    My DJI Mini 2 has survived a treewater ****

    Hi! I’d like to share a story because it’s incredible. I have crashed my DJI Mini 2 into a tree at an altitude of about 50m. After dropping all the way down, it hit the ground so hard that it bounced to a rocky slope, fell into a mountain river, drifted 5 meters and sunk. I’ve made a...
  11. P

    DJI mini 2 Propeller screw stuck

    Last night I was flying my new DJI mini 2. Soon before I planned to land, my app crashed as it started automatically updating to the new update (for the air 2S). I immediately landed it but one propeller slightly caught a rock on the way down. There was only slight damage but ofcourse decided...
  12. P

    DJI mavic mini / mini 2 uncontrolled descent

    Hi everyone, I am a new DJI mini 2 owner. I have seen lots of posts/videos etc about the original mavic mini uncontrollably descending, particularly into water. I would love to fly over water to get some shots but of course do not want to risk this happening to me. I have searched online to see...
  13. G

    Catastrophic crash of Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey all...New to the forum, but glad to be here. Recently had a catastrophic crash of my Mavic 2 Pro. I had purchased it second-hand and as far as all my research could tell me , it was in perfect condition. No crashes and only flown a handful of times. I was flying over a river at a pretty...
  14. ZenSamurai

    I've killed a drone!

    Hello drone friends! I've got a confession to make... I've killed a Mini 2 drone. First drone for me so I was expecting this to come, this is why I've got the Care Refresh Plan. All the crashes I had so far I've been from a height no more than 1 meter. I had the battery door broken 2 times...
  15. M

    How do I get this prop back on?

    Hey all, a few months ago I crashed my drone into a tree branch (fairly light crash, just got stuck then used a pool scooper to pull it down). The props got a bit cracked up so I have been replacing them now that lockdown is easing and want to fly again - but I can only get 3 props on. The...
  16. Shismo

    Air 2 Winter Flying over Montreal Island and St Lawrence River

    Videos Winter 2021 flying over Montreal Island East along the St Lawrence River and Montreal West Island over Lac Des Deux Montagne where I crashed MA2 on a small island! Mounted a rescue mission in dead of winter and replaced by DJI care...
  17. Chris P. Chicken

    Mini crashed in the sea!!! max power load reached, propellors rotating to fast, esc beeping.

    Hey guys, Back again with a crash, My second crash i post on this forum, but my last! cuz this time It landed in the sea!!!😰 Watch the video and see the complete picture( in this case video...:) ⬇️
  18. P

    Mavic mini crashed

    i was flying my mavic mini a while ago, all went fine until i tried to do a cinematic shot, unfortinatly my drone got caugt in a tree and fell down, as far as i can see the damaged had only been one ripped (front left) and one broken propellor (rear left). i replaced these 2 props, but when i...
  19. K

    Mini 2 (minor?) crash at second flight ...

    Hey folks ! I am a beginner in drone piloting, the mini 2 is my first drone. Yesterday I took advantage of a beautiful day to finally do a test outside of my garden of my mini 2 and but it turned bad. When I wanted to land I did not pay attention that the drone was in sport mode (can the...
  20. izometric

    Mini 2 - took off from glass -> first crash

    Yesterday I was doing some indoors flying with the Mini 2. It flew flawlessly, it was hovering solidly in place using the downward vision system as the floor was very textured. All good until I decided to take off from a horizontal glass panel. The drone took off and immediately started to...