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  1. P

    Gimbal calibration fails, is video required?

    So I finally had a significant crash. Flying at night with my led props and crashed into a tree, oops. Replaced the props and all seemed to be good but then noticed I couldn't tilt the gimbal. After doing some checking I suspected the ribbon cable got damaged. Ordered a new one and replaced...
  2. V

    Mavic Pro Platinum crashed in follow me mode + VIDEO. Need advice on how to repair

    My Mavic was in follow me mode and it started drifting away. Unfortunately, It hit the tree brunches and crashed a few meters away from a steel rail Interesting enough the battery came out mid air so I saw 2 objects falling. Did DJI designed it in such a way, so heavy part (battery) would eject...


    Hi guys, check out my latest drone vlog testing Active Track + AN EPIC DRONE CRASH. Not sure why the Mavic crashed into a tree, when should have traveled in a straight line, can only blame the aliens for this... Enjoy!
  4. P

    Crashed my Mavic 2 Pro. Need some advice.

    Okay so dumb user error, but I clipped a tree maybe 20 feet high and fell into grass. Message said gimbal overload but once restarted all seemed fine. Then I noticed I bend the front left leg pretty bad. I have DJI care refresh but I dont know if it's worth using for something like this. I can...
  5. Bohicah

    Fell out of sky

    I had been flying my mp1 from this location on and off for two days. Multiple landings and take offs. Most landings in RTH mode with no issues. This last time it hovered over home location, announced landing then just dead dropped. Good news? It landed at home point, b ad news? Smashed the...
  6. L

    Analyze my mystery crash log

    Being an anonymous lurker for some time, I was hoping to get some help from the community. I experienced a mysterious and serious crash while flying today. The MP was only 350ft away, 150ft up but obscured by a tree when it crashed. Furthermore the video feed cut out (whole screen turned...
  7. GeraldV

    Completely submerged! Drone survived.

    Was messing about with the drone today and as the battery got lower decided to do some low shots of a fountain. Battery was extremely low; I remember seeing just over a minute flight time left but was flying maybe 1.5m high and about 10m away from me so no drama. I dont know what happened...
  8. B

    1 Week with Mavic Air

    So I have now had my MA for a week! During the past 7 days I have managed to go from beginner, to testing the sport function. I have watched numerous videos, read threads and decided to fly my MA off my undercover balcony (scary). I made it over the edge, felt the bird freak a little and then...
  9. S

    Lost Connection Results in Destruction of Brand New Mavic Air/1st Flight

    Problem? On first flight Mavic Air lost RC Connection at only 90 feet away. Tried to regain control, unit went into RTH. I set RTH high to avoid trees but on the descent to land it clipped the edge of a tree and fell >100ft. trashing the drone. The Mavic was completely unresponsive to control...
  10. CarlosCN

    Crash using DJI goggle

    I'm a beginner with just ca. 5 hours flight. I was testing the DJI goggles functionality with Mavic 2 Zoom when I had my first crash: I took off using goggles and selected Head Tracking Flight mode. My intention was to keep the aircraft in position thus I did not touch the remote control...
  11. CarlosCN

    Mavic 2 Zoom crash #1

    I'm a beginner with just ca. 5 hours flight. I was testing the DJI goggles functionality on Mavic 2 Zoom when I had my first crash: I took off using the goggles and selected Head Tracking Flight mode. My intention was to keep the aircraft in position thus I did not touch the remote control...
  12. D

    Vision system errors and fix

    So I am on my second Mavic Pro now, and have been keeping a good record of flights and distances ect. The first one went down on a cold day with some wind - put it down to adverse conditions. The insurance covered it but rain water had destroyed the craft and we never got to the bottom of the...
  13. M

    MPP need part

    Hi there, new to forum, I own a MPP, and recently had a small run in with a tree, and lost a small part. I am missing the cover on the bottom/underside of the left rear arm. The drone flie s fine without, but I would like to sell this drone and upgrade to a mavic 2 zoom. I googled around and...
  14. S

    my drone autopiloted into tree, fell 50 ft onto grass then tarmac!?!?!?

    I was piloting my mav air from one side of my street to another at twilight. I know it wasn't the best time I was at 8 ft about to land when the battery fell critically low. the drone autopiloted to around 50 ft, which is half of what rth height should be, and flew straight into a tree which was...
  15. B

    What happened to my drone? Lost connection at 120 meters

    Hi This incident happened a few days ago and i cant really figure out what caused this. I have just descended my drone from max altitude in sport mode down to 120+ meters. I hovered there for a short while and looked around with the drone and was just about to fly the remaining 600 meters...
  16. T

    Mavic air in the ocean

    YOUTUBE FLIGHT LOG My Mavic Air went down in the ocean for a few days ago. It was hoovering about two meters over the ocean next to a boat. According to those who were in the boat this should be accurate. See the uploaded picture of the boat. Taken two minutes after the crash. See also the...
  17. P

    Mavic pro in salt water

    Hey guys, Today I crashed my mavic pro in salt water, it flew against the boat and fell from 1 foot in the water. My father quickley dove in the water and got it out of the water in 3 seconds. The battery still was on and it is in rise for a few hours now. I just checked some other forums for...
  18. A

    Active Track Crash (Obstacle Avoidance?)

    Hi guys, i started testing the Active Track Mode (Follow car) and unfortunately crashed my Mavic Pro against a tree :/ The crash was probably my fault as i relied too much on the automated flight. I even saw the tree on the screen (i wasn't driving the car myself) but thought the mavic would...
  19. M

    Noob messing up my first flight in sports mode... (MP)

    With about 3 flying sessions under my belt I was trying out sports mode for the first time. While flying back, the DJI app crashed and with my lack of experience I looked down at my screen rather than watching the aircraft. All while holding the stick fully forward at 100%... Yeah I...
  20. S

    Strange mavic pro behaviour lead to smash into building

    During my visit to Helsinki I decided to take the drone with me for some after work play last week. The day light is long these days which encouraged me to fly the drone. The hotel is located directly neat water channel from the sea, so I prepared for the fly. Calibrated the compass and flown...