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  1. Nature from above

    Mini crashed in the sea!!! max power load reached, propellors rotating to fast, esc beeping.

    Hey guys, Back again with a crash, My second crash i post on this forum, but my last! cuz this time It landed in the sea!!!😰 Watch the video and see the complete picture( in this case video...:) ⬇️
  2. P

    Mavic mini crashed

    i was flying my mavic mini a while ago, all went fine until i tried to do a cinematic shot, unfortinatly my drone got caugt in a tree and fell down, as far as i can see the damaged had only been one ripped (front left) and one broken propellor (rear left). i replaced these 2 props, but when i...
  3. K

    Mini 2 (minor?) crash at second flight ...

    Hey folks ! I am a beginner in drone piloting, the mini 2 is my first drone. Yesterday I took advantage of a beautiful day to finally do a test outside of my garden of my mini 2 and but it turned bad. When I wanted to land I did not pay attention that the drone was in sport mode (can the...
  4. izometric

    Mini 2 - took off from glass -> first crash

    Yesterday I was doing some indoors flying with the Mini 2. It flew flawlessly, it was hovering solidly in place using the downward vision system as the floor was very textured. All good until I decided to take off from a horizontal glass panel. The drone took off and immediately started to...
  5. Nature from above

    something very ugly happenend with my drone!!! gimbal calibration lost. proppelors rotating to fast, max power load reached

    hey guys maybe you have a solution to this watch the vid and give a solution plz...
  6. E

    MA2 crash/gap rear arm

    My Mavic Air 2 had a run in with some tree branches and came crashing down. Everything seems fine, no warnings on screen and it hovers/flys fine. But there is a gap now on the rear arm. It’s not loose, just out of place. I took out the two screws holding the arm in, but they are placed correctly...
  7. M

    Crash following MA2 full power during hand landing

    Hi there everybody. First time poster (and drone user) so please forgive any mistakes. Bought my Mavic Air 2 around Christmas time and have been having lots of fun with no incidents. Today I took it for quite a few flights around my farm. One flight in particular ended in my first...
  8. Geo_fletch

    Active-Track Crash... extremely lucky caught on film

    I have been flying for over 2 years and crashed for the first time. I was using active track at school where I teach and I got extremely lucky when the Mavic 2 Pro took an arc and collided with some power lines. The drone hit the front arm leg., Props were not touched and the drone stayed...
  9. C

    Crashed Mavic Pro in dense bush/jungle - please help! Flight log linked

    Hello, I crashed my DJI Mavic Pro this evening in a dense bush/jungle area after it hit a tree presumably. I wasn’t aware of the Find My Drone feature so I went looking for it by following the flight path on my iPhone but since it was getting very dark, I didn’t have any luck. I plan on going...
  10. S

    Did it Crash land or Auto-Land

    Hi all, New to the forums (found by googling related things to the events that occurred today) - sorry for the long-winded post! Well, today (like other days I decided to fly the mini) was low wind, nice sunny day. I decided to take off from a coastal town lookout, the lookout was higher than...
  11. M

    Mavic Mini strange gimbal movement

    Hello everybody. I had this strange gimbal movement (or maybe strange drone movement) when flying today. Maybe caused for cold weather? Any ideas why? Thanks :)
  12. Alex0327

    Mavic 2 pro crashed and won't turn on

    I accidentally flew my Mavic 2 pro into a power line at 50 ft and it crashed on the ground. The only visible damage is the front right landing leg. When I try to turn on the drone the fan starts and the back right motor starts to turn but immediately makes a loud click like it is obstructed and...
  13. K

    Drone got crazy and crashed after RTH! Possible warranty? [log inside]

    Hey everyone! Unfortunately, the worst has happened and my dear Mavic Air 2, only a week old, got crashed... Would like to understand whether I can activate the warranty and other repair options. How it happened: I was flying in the park, open area but with some trees around. I was after 10pm...
  14. H

    Mavic Pro platinum powered down midflight.

    Was flying my drone last night and it powered down midflight. Anyone live in the Houston Kingwood area want to help me find it? I figure it would be found a lot faster if we had multiple drones scanning for it... or specialty drones with special cameras on them. I figure it’s lost for good...
  15. A

    Mavic starts, goes higher and higher --> crash

    Problem? Mavic starts, goes up and up.... after around 10-20 meters altitude the pilot pressed throttle down. The mavic turned off.... Was unit in a crash? What have you tried so far? The Pilot had this before, then the pilot had to change a arm, and it was enough for one flight. When the...
  16. volition

    Moving up in Drone Pilotry, I now have a crash in my logbook!

    So it is a matter of when not if, especially as I get more confident. But “whoa Nelly” this one was stupid. Take off, roll to the left without looking what’s there and a sign on post decides to get in the way of my props. Down she goes onto her back having a ongoing fit. I quickly reached into...
  17. S

    Mavic 2 Pro crashed with IMU switch - what went wrong?

    Hi, my Mavic 2 Profall out of the sky into the ocean (not recoverable). This were the last seconds of my drone: The drone was about 200m height, the video transmission look suddenly as if my mavic went upside down. Then i lost the video transmission. The app told me that the aircraft is going...
  18. M

    Lost my Mavic Mini when it suddenly dropped into a river

    Hello everyone. I need help to figure out what happened to my drone, and if I can get a replacement from DJI because I have DJI Care Refresh. It suddenly started descending by itself even though I was not pressing down on the stick. I am a newbie with less than 2 hours of flight experience...
  19. E

    Crashed my Mavic Mini, is it still safe to fly?

    Hello Mavic People, I just crashed my magic while I was doing an indoor shoot, and I think there was interference with the drone while I was flying as it wasn't reacting properly (it was increasing altitude, not staying still etc...). Anyways, I tried to do a sideways shot but the drone...
  20. G

    Mavic 2 Pro Plummeted into the Ocean

    Hey Mavic Pilots, I was flying at St. Simon's Pier in Brunswick, GA when I witnessed my drone commit suicide right in front of me (and about 200 other people). Was pretty embarrassing. I am unable to even attempt to get it back because I don't know any divers there or have any diving gear...