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  1. B

    Mavic pro vision error a00004, front left sensor error.

    I apologize for this being so long winded. So I have dug and dug and I can only find a thread of one other having this same issue, and there was never a resolution. I received the drone in pieces for free to see if I could rebuild it. I replaced all 4 arms, the chassis, the gimbal arm, and...
  2. J

    Air 2S darting forward and crashing into a roof twice!

    I had my first emergency crash landing with my Air 2S today. I was taking pictures of a log cabin in a forest with trees all over, so I had to disable the obstacle avoidance to get closer to the trees. As I was inching forward between a branch and the roof, the drone just took off forward and I...
  3. A

    Weird gimbal issue by motor maybe

    Hi! I recently tried flying my drone, and then gimbal started making weird noises and the video is jello (ing?). Here is a video I have edited to show the problem in detail. I had no crashes that could connect to this issue. (video uploaded to onedrive, no need to sign in). The video details...
  4. L

    My drone exploded in mid air

    Hello, I was flying my DJI Mini 3 pro over the fields round the back of my house yesterday. I then got some warning on my screen about something to do with battery temperatures. My drone was about 350ft up and 500ft out (I could see it) when it just exploded. It was quick and it broke apart in...
  5. R

    Crashed drone, gimbal unable to connect

    Hello guys, I have a DJI mini 2 drone that I crashed recently. I tried to fly in a city which was a BIG mistake even though I have done it before without any incidents. At first, before takeoff, everything was ok. After takeoff the drone lost and regained connection to the remote a bunch of...
  6. K

    RTH crash

    I just received the Mavic Mini 3 Pro and I'm using the RC Pro Remote that I also use with my Mavic 3. The first flight went mostly smoothly, except for one issue. When I initiated the Return to Home (RTH) function, the drone wanted to land 3 meters away from the starting point, which wasn't as...
  7. D

    Mini SE Ignores commands and crashes! Why?

    So yesterday, I was going to fly my Mini SE around for a bit. I did a manual takeoff, but it appeared to take much longer than usual to takeoff. I didn't think much of it until I pressed the left joystick up to make the drone go higher, and it didn't do anything. Out of instinct, I also pressed...
  8. E

    Prop Guards Cause Weird Crash

    Took my Mini 3 Pro out for a quick flight with some new prop guards yesterday (lots of trees on my property), and wanted to test the obstacle avoidance out to make sure it would stay away from hazards when flying at low altitudes (I was using Cinema mode). Wanting to see how close it would get...
  9. KristofferR

    Mavic Air 2 died in the air, damaged what to do next?

    I have a Mavic Air 2. 50km flight total and 425 minutes. Really enjoy flying it both shooting photo and LOS. Yesterday did a shoot of a family event and when I was done “tripodding” I went to sport mode and went around to make a pass by in front of everyone. The drone just stopped working mid...
  10. B

    Anyone remember U.S. the video of a mini dropping out of sky when almost home?

    Hi all, As above, anyone remember a YouTube video posted on here of a guy flying (I think) a mavic mini and testing the RTH over land, it almost made it back but dropped out of the sky just before it made it back?
  11. R

    Drone what?

    Hi MP friends, apologies if this has been asked, but I searched and didn't see anything stand out that was a good summary help. Also, I humbly come to you after crashing my DJI Mavic 2 Pro after almost 4 years of flying (and having my Part 107 for around 3 years) in the US. What I'm curious to...
  12. B

    Mavic mini lost in mountains

    Hello, after four years of filming in mountains in high altitudes, my drone dissapeared. If you could give me your thoughts what went wrong based on description and flight log I would be very happy, even if this does not bring the drone back. I was filming in Austria about 2200 metres above...
  13. C

    Drone crash

    Hello all! 2 days ago I crashed my drone. Long story. Anyways I can’t find the dang thing. In my flight log it shows the yellow flight path and then shows where the path stops and the drone continues. Why did the yellow stop? Is it estimating where it landed? How accurate is this? It even shows...
  14. J

    Crashed my Mini 2 into a Tree and need help on which parts to get in order to repair it.

    Hello, I crashed my dji mini 2 today, via flying into a palm tree and not knowing what was above me, judging on based by the damage it looks like I only I need shell repair kit, considering that the retractable arm are intact, and NO I do not have DJI care for this Drone.
  15. J

    Installed new main board, gimball ribbon cable, and esc to main flat cable. Now mini has tons of lost

    Ok soil crashed my mavic mini. Had to replace the motherboard, the gimbal ribbon cable. And the ribbon cable connecting the esc to the motherboard. After I got it all installed I tried turning the drone on and I'm getting every error in the book popping up and the drone won't do its boot...
  16. NightFlightAlright

    Tree Crash and Recovery

    So, my first week with the DJI Mini 2 and THIS SHOT (with sound) This happened right at sunset... I very clearly miss judged the height of this one tree. Something of an optical illusion made me think it was no more than 30 feet tall… In reality it was closer to 80 feet tall. And I could...
  17. F

    Gimbal Stuck Faced Down

    I crashed my Mini 2 and snapped a piece in the gimbal housing. I disassembled, added glue, set it over night and it was intact. After reassembling properly, at start up, after the gimbal does it’s checks, it’s almost as though the camera gives up and ends up facing downwards. Any ideas?
  18. C

    Mag interference crash

    So it crashed after getting mag interference, body and battery landed in separate places, the battery looks like it exploded but not sure if the casing just split open upon impact. Opened up the body to see if there’s any damage but can’t really see any? But it turns on with another battery...
  19. E

    Trying to recover flight data from a crash... please help!

    Hello all, Unfortunately last week I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro. The short story is, I was flying very low to the water on this beach, near some trees as well. Now, this spot was only 1km from the Home Point but I kept having signal issues (really only had 1 bar to manage for taking pics and vids)...
  20. T

    Homepoint change

    First time flying in the desert and near a mountain. I was flying over the desert at Sycamore Creek a couple days ago. I was about 300 feet above my truck following a mountain ridge. I had my range limit set about 4000 feet away. All of a sudden my home point changed and I didn't realize...