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  1. L

    Mavic Mini - Strange behavior indoors

    Hello everyone, So recently I downloaded DJI Assistant app on my PC and connected drone to computer. Then I tried to download flight logs. App was freezing for about an hour and I tried to chat with DJI support on what should I do. They suggested to just shut down an app and disconnect drone...
  2. S

    My mavic 2 Pro malfunctioned and crashed and i have no clue why

    Hey guys, I've been flying drones for over four years now and DJI drones for three years and I've never experienced anything like this. Around 10 minutes into my flight the other day my drone takes off at TopSpeed well and tripod mode towards a bunch of people. I was able to get the drone to...
  3. G

    Mavic 2 - Battery 63% -> 0% instantly. Voltage Drop. HELP!

    DJI Mavic 2. Battery is in good health. No swelling. Was not hot or cold. Maybe 40 cycles. I took off with 63% battery (I usually only take off with full batteries but the plan was one quick video about 400ft away.) Drone gets about 400ft away. About 120ft altitude and battery goes immiedetly...
  4. B

    MA2 crash for first flight?

    Hi everyone, I just got my new MA2 crashed within 1 min after the first takeoff. It was in a parking lot, no wind, and everything looked good. After very simple movements (went up to 10 m and moved 5 m) it just stopped and fell down... Then I tried to restart but it showed the chip was...
  5. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  6. B

    Rear left“leg” has a little offset after crash.

    Hello all, Problem? Rear left “leg” has a little offset after crash. I can still fly but the propellers on the left touch each other from time to time, damaging them. The gap is invisible when folded closed. Was unit in a crash? Yes What have you tried so far? Pull / push it a bit in hopes...
  7. D

    Crashed my new Mavic air /Hi

    Hi all Took the plunge during lockdown a few weeks ago and picked up, after hours of research and deliberating, the mavic air 2 On day 2, I crashed it into my house...was flying over a field right in front of it and brought it back in sport mode... I started trying to slow it down way too...
  8. J

    Rendering vid then app crashes

    I am wanting to render a vid that I have edited on the dji go 4 app. when it gets to 98% the app crashes. I have close all open app and have turned my phone off and on twice. I have tried rendering it 4 times and the same happens every time. I have a iPhone 8 . !!HELP!!
  9. johnmoxl

    Lost signal, but M2 Zoom hovered, drone never returned to home

    I started flying over a river in Illinois yesterday from a bluff about 100’ above water level. At 2:29 into the flight as I was turning to fly up stream over a spillway I got a sudden loss of connection 0.3 seconds after warning of weak connection. I was at about 100 feet above the water (log...
  10. jclimaco

    Mavic 2 zoom dropped out of sky

    Hi there, new to mavicpilots but to not drones. This is my 3rd Mavic but my first major crash I can’t obviously explain (ie non obvious pilot error) Day 1 with M2Z, just activated it and made a test fight in the neighborhood. Max distance 300’, altitude 100’. On the way back home from I was...
  11. Patrick Bergeron

    Compilation crash drone Mavic Mini

    I did a compilation of 20 crash of the DJI Mavic Mini drone. Several piloting errors by unconscious or overly reckless pilots. There are also many with device issues. This device is wonderful but you have to be careful because it does not have any obstacle detection radar during flight. If you...
  12. E

    Drop because of video stop

    Hello community, I'm new here, I hope to find some help after I couldn't find anything helpful in Google. At my last flight I used my mavic pro platinum as a trypod, the whole flight I just had it hovering in front of my girlfriend and me to get a few photos. After we were done I took the...
  13. I

    Mavic Air approaching obstacle

    Fellow Pilots I own Mavic Air 1 that I fly very occasionally, and I have noticed a strange behaviour of my drone. Although the default obstacle avoidance options are ON, the drone has a tendency to approach obstacles when closeby. When that happens, I am unable to use the controller to...
  14. ALan_m10

    Mavic Mini Crashed into the Fjord

    Hi Guys, Seems I'm not the only one who has had this happen to them! Basically, I had my drone up over a nice harbor area here in Oslo and I wanted to get some video footage flying in towards the shore. All was well for a few minutes, I received a high wind warning so I descended but started to...
  15. T

    Building Crash - Need Reputable place to buy parts

    Today I had a mishap with my Mavic 2 Pro. I got a little too comfortable with the obstacle avoidance and tried to get a shot while flying towards a building. The drone didn't even flinch, it literally just bounced off of the building. Upon inspection, the Lens cover is broke and the gimbal...
  16. C

    One of my motors on my new mavic mini is rougher than the other 3

    Hi guys, I recently flew my drone indoor and my drone drifted and the propeller scratched the walls, but I grabbed the drone as quick as possible to prevent it from actually crashing it. That's when I started inspecting all the parts on my drone. I realised that one of my motor is slightly...
  17. H

    Mavic Mini Low Power Think Tank

    I've been following the Drama of the "uncontrolled decent" on the Mavic Mini. I recently pickup one up and have been (out of curiosity) trying to replicate this anomaly. Forgive me if this has been tried in another thread, but why cant we get folks who have experienced this behavior to post in...
  18. Rarasmus

    Mavic 2 Pro Camera Flipped After Crash

    I clipped a small tree while flying my Mavic 2 Pro and the drone dropped about four feet onto my driveway. The drone has a few scuffs but the camera flipped 180 degrees and is now facing backwards. (See picture) I have tried to gently force it back into place but don’t want to break it further...
  19. Wolffboy

    Mavic 2 Pro Crash in Miami - Possible Bird Incident?

    I've enjoyed reading these forms for the several years I've been flying DJI drones. The analysis and discussions are always highly informative ad entertaining. Sadly, it's my turn to report a crash, upload my data and hope somebody can help me figure out what happened. Drone was a 1.5yr old...
  20. A

    Mavic pro 2 crash, need help to know the cause :(

    Hi, newbie here, my drone crash mid-flight with 50+% battery. The area was clear, no obstruction to struck. The drone suddenly drop during flight. I ask DJI support but their reply is "We have checked the information you provided that we are sincerely sorry that the free service period of your...