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  1. TreeburnerCT

    Epson Moverio BT-300 DJI Go 4 App Issues

    Received my Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses yesterday and spent last night setting them up and familiarizing myself with the controls. Today I tried to connect my Mavic, but the Go 4 app is crashing as soon as I plug in the RC and allow USB access or as soon as I open the app manually. If I...
  2. Robert S

    DJI Go 4 app crashing on Sony Z5 compact and Nexus 9

    There seem to be plenty of threads on this one, but I'll add another one. I'm using the latest non-Play Store app downloaded directly from the DJI website. The app crashes on both of my devices. They both run Android 7.1. The Sony usually crashes if I land my Mavic and take off again. On...
  3. G

    Auto tripod mode for landing

    I almost went into the lake yesterday when a slight unexpected gust threw me off target after my drone accepted the landing zone and began descending. My over corrections didn't help any. That being said if maybe I had toned down controls and also the ability to adjust height on my own instead...