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DJI Go 4 app crashing on Sony Z5 compact and Nexus 9

Robert S

Well-Known Member
Aug 19, 2017
Canberra, ACT, Australia
There seem to be plenty of threads on this one, but I'll add another one. I'm using the latest non-Play Store app downloaded directly from the DJI website. The app crashes on both of my devices. They both run Android 7.1. The Sony usually crashes if I land my Mavic and take off again. On both devices my live wallpaper goes back to the default non-live wallpaper after the crash. Don't know if this adds anything useful. I can still control my Mavic with the RC, but I dare not run it on wifi mode - anything could happen.

Does anyone out there have any clues about this?
yeah, seems every update they do for android its getting worse... i also get video smudge on latest version 4.1.5
I also have a Sony Xperia phone running 7.1.1 but I elected not to fly my MP with it for this reason. Honestly, I prefer Android for most things but it is not the best available option to run DJI Go 4 due to the app crashes and instability experienced by many DJI drone pilots. I usually don't like recommending Apple products but, in this case, would strongly recommend going with an iOS device such as the iPad Mini 4 w/ cellular. It is rock solid.
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