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dji go 4 app

  1. GDadd

    DJI Go 4 App Crashing on SC: SOLVED

    In the event anyone has a similar issue, I am posting the symptoms and resolution to a nagging problem I've had with the SC for months. The problem I had was a combination of Go 4 app crashes and excessive app freezes during flights, the latter being much more prominent and really annoying...
  2. T

    Problem connecting RC with DJI Go 4 / Litchi

    Hi, I am new here and also a relatively new pilot. My problem is the usb connection between the RC and my phone (Moto X Force). Actually the connection between the RC and DJI GO 4 or Litchi is not etabilished. The USB-connection as such seems to be OK since the phone starts charging when I...
  3. T

    Mavic 2 Video Download

    New to the forums here, and have a few questions please. 1. Anyone else get horribly overexposed video when downloading directly from the SD card? It looks fine when I download it through the Go app. 2. When I go to a Quickshot video in the Go app, I can download it to the Photos app in one of...
  4. jungliemac

    DJI Go Flight Record recovery

    Whilst trying to clear my cache I inadvertently deleted my complete Flight Record. Is there any way I can recover it?
  5. V

    Mavic 2 pro disconnected

    hi everybody, I bought 3 days a go a M2P... firstly i could link my Ac with Rc and dji go4 works well... but its changes.. and now its impossible... Ac and Ec connect well, i can use the drone with rc but the phone dont work in dji app, and appear”disconnected” I try everything, disconect the...
  6. tstillman

    Dji Go 4 - is a no go.

    I just received my MPP last week. After reading of the challenges with using it with an Android phone I purchased a iPad mini 4, and got it today. My problem now is when I tried to download the Dji Go 4 app from the App Store, I get an error message that it's not compatible with my iPad and...
  7. B

    DJI GO 4 Freeze / Touchscreen not responding when connected to AC

    Hello everyone. To give you more information i'll start from what i did. I've been installing external antenna mode to rc. When i finished one of the wires just came off with antenna (deflect probably) and i decide to go back o stock while i'm waiting for a new wires (pics attached)...
  8. F

    Go 4 Manual PDF

    Hi, I'm a newbie here so I thought I'd try to help with an issue that seems to get asked about a lot! Why don't DJI publish the Go 4 App manual in PDF form. I don't know the answer, but, if it's any help, here's a formatted version based on the online manual on the DJI website. I put it...
  9. Joymaker

    How to sync flight records?

    I am sending DJI a repair request and crash report. The repair request page asks me to "sync flight records" and offers a video which shows how to do it for DJI Go which looks completely different from DJI Go 4. Please, would somebody show me in detail how to find the Sync Flight Records button...
  10. G

    DJI Go 4 shows no options for Mavic Pro?

    I am just trying to get started with the Mavic Pro. I downloaded DJI Go 4 and found only three options for drone models, none of which is the Pro. The ubiquitous Air is one of the options. I chose that option. Can I use the app with the Pro even though I chose the Air as a forced choice?
  11. F

    Are your Mavic Air Videos Sharp or Blurry?

    I'm a potential Mavic Air owner, very interested for when the P4P is too large to lug around. I've got a problem with my P4Pro Obsidian sharpness settings when recording 1080p video. They're all the same and I'm hoping the Mavic Air doesn't have a similar problem. The jury is out on whether...
  12. Octopus.Violinus

    DJI GO App Gimbal Controls?

    First time post. I looked around a bit, but didn't see this addressed anywhere already, apologies if this has already been addressed in another thread. When I use the RC controller for my Mavic Pro there is a little D-pad next to the right stick, which by-default moves the camera from...
  13. F

    DJI Go4 video edit freezes

    Attempting to create a short video on the DJI Go4 v4.1.18 running on a Samsung S7 Edge is reliably freezing at 33% after tapping "complete". Any ideas on what how to resolve? - Thanks
  14. G

    Experience with Motorola G4 Plus Phone

    I thought I would contribute my experiences with using my Motorola G4 Plus phone with the Mavic Pro, using both DJI GO 4 and Litchi. I've had the Mavic Pro for about 8 months. Initially DJI GO 4 would constantly crash, so I changed to Litchi, which appeared stable and fast. I kept up to date...
  15. McSapi7

    newest DJI GO 4 app freezes on Xiaomi Redmi 4X, solution??

    excuse me, im new here, but i just wanna share my newbie experience as fist time drone owner LOL : i just bought my new Mavic Pro yesterday, then as instructed i download DJI GO 4 app for android phone (ver. 4.1.15) from google play, but after i download the app won't start on my phone (Xiaomi...
  16. P

    Vague ERROR Message

    Hey guys, So I recently crashed my Mavic Pro. Not a bad crash at all, it just got caught in some branches on a bush at about 2 feet high. All it really messed up that I'm aware of is the props which I have replaced since then. The problem I am having since today is when I go to take off I get...
  17. Y

    incorrectly displaying wind force in DJI GO 4

    Hi, first of all I apologize for my English. I have DJI Mavic with firmware 1.04.0000 at all devices (battery, dron, RC, DJI Goggles). I use application DJI go 4. My problem is - when i fly application show wind speed 0,0 m/s all the time. But i fly obviously in the wind. Mavic holds the...
  18. S

    DJI Go connection woes

    Evening fellow Mavic pilots, I've been experiencing issues connecting using the DJI Go app. My problems started when I completely wiped my iPhone 6 and completed a fresh install. I thought at first it was the cable but this was checked with my iPad and works fine. I've also completely wiped the...
  19. R

    CrystalSky Audio and Video recordings - It's a treasure hunt

    I have discovered a frustrating problem with file and recording locations when I use my CrystalSky Monitor with the Mavic Pro. It's disappointing to find video clips transferred from the drone are stored in a DJI GO 4.0 application subdirectory while audio recordings are stored in a different...
  20. Robert S

    DJI Go 4 app crashing on Sony Z5 compact and Nexus 9

    There seem to be plenty of threads on this one, but I'll add another one. I'm using the latest non-Play Store app downloaded directly from the DJI website. The app crashes on both of my devices. They both run Android 7.1. The Sony usually crashes if I land my Mavic and take off again. On...