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Mar 30, 2018
I'm a potential Mavic Air owner, very interested for when the P4P is too large to lug around.

I've got a problem with my P4Pro Obsidian sharpness settings when recording 1080p video. They're all the same and I'm hoping the Mavic Air doesn't have a similar problem.

The jury is out on whether this is a recent problem unique to recently built Obsidians like mine (Nov 2017), or other aircraft also have it. It could just be an App or Firmware bug.

Either way, to verify if the Mavic Air doesn't have a similar problem, could you do a similar test to the one in the video below? It would be both for your own peace of mind that yours works as expected, and mine; because if there is a similar problem, DJI need to be made aware of it and get it resolved ASAP. If there is an issue, I'm hoping a Firmware or App update would fix it rather than it being a hardware limitation.

To be clear (as I should have written on the video): the camera was correctly focused for all clips with the P4P looking out of an open bedroom window, so no other glass was in the way. The resulting 1080p clips were upscaled 400% with anti-aliasing in the video editor turned off (so the editor was not further manipulating the original clips) and single frames saved as uncompressed .PNGs. to see the differences more clearly. Alternatively: watching the original clips on a 45" TV shows the problem very clearly.

Oversharpening has nothing to do with focus, it's the bright lines around the edges of dark objects, like the TV antenna and the roof edge and is at least visible as an artificially bright line along the horizon.

Watching it at 2x playback speed will only waste a minute of your life.

Actually, you'd only need to do two simple tests: 1080p +3 and -3 sharpness of the same view.

If they're different, then: Great, it passed.

If they're both the same: with oversharp Horrible Halos, then: Oops, DJI! We've got another one...

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