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  1. N

    Camera vibrating on Air 2s

    Hello all, my camera on my air 2s has been vibrating like this recently and I haven't been able to figure out how or why. Gimbal seems undamaged, props are all fresh. Any ideas? Here is a video for reference.
  2. R

    Adobe Lens Profile for Mini 3 Pro

    Hello everyone, as many of you know DjI forgot to include the lense profile in the 12 MPx DNG files the mini produces up to the 1.00.150 firmware, making the images come up with a huge "vignette". The 48 MPx RAW images have "Chromatic Aberrations" even with the lens profile included, so I sought...
  3. S

    Mavic 2 Pro Camera VS Mini 3 Pro ?

    I have the Mavic 2 Pro, but really dig the size & fewer regulations with the new Mini 3 Pro. I'm now wondering if the camera is just as good, or maybe better on the 48MP Mini Pro when compared to the 20MP Mavic 2 ?? Should I move systems?? My primary function is photography.
  4. T

    No JPG + Raw option in DJI Fly App.

    Hi, I can't find the option to change from JPG to JPG + Raw. I switched my controller to camera from video, then I clicked on the three dots on the top right and clicked on the camera tab, but there is no option to switch. I have the latest firmware for my DJI Mini 2 and Fly app versions. Thanks.
  5. M

    Foggy pics from Mavic Pro. Found the reason, but how to fix it?

    My Mavic Pro sometimes shows misty or foggy pictures, they are unclear or as if they're badly out of focus. Initially I thought that 50 or 80 ft up there it just is more misty compared to what can be seen from the ground. It is definitely what the sensor sees, not a software problem. But I...
  6. H

    DJI Mavic mini 1 camera stuck. Touches bottom plastic piece. How do I fix it?

    Pretty much what I wrote in title. It seems to be touching the plastic part under the gimbal. Is it something I can fix myself?
  7. D

    Air 2S 4K raw clip lost frames/glitchy, while the cache is smooth

    Hello beautiful people, Since I got the Air 2s I have shot quite a few clips of videos. There is this one clip, just one, has a lot of frames missing. The cache on my phone looks smooth. Here's the raw clip, and the glitch starts at ~46 seconds. The video is shot in 4K 30fps, in H.264. The...
  8. Toddvg

    Camera Cheat Sheets

    I am looking for some good old Camera Cheat Sheets for the Mavic 2 PRO. What would be great, is to find Cheat Sheet for different types of photography. Maybe by time of day or type of shot, I really dont know what the best way to index the cheat sheets. I do know that for us NewBee's or less...
  9. J

    Mini 2 weird camera/image bug

    Hey, I've been flying the mini 2 for a while and two times during the night, I've experienced my camera pixelate like this randomly during the flight: Even when I open the dji app to view the video directly from the drone, it shows up the same but when I download it directly to my phone via the...
  10. M

    Circular Artifact

    Problem? Circular artifact appearing on photos and videos. Was unit in a crash? no What have you tried so far?: Cleaned lens w/ microfiber cloth, inspected for debris or dust and found nothing. What device are you using? iPhone 8 Plus + Mavic Pro 1 White What firmware are you running (...
  11. K

    Gimbal Bouncing

    Hey everyone, i’ve been having the same problem at least once in almost every flight... the gimbal starts “bouncing”, not vibrating... it literally bounces... The thing i do when this happens is using the re-center stabilizer option in gimbal settings. It helps sometimes, others not. I’m a new...
  12. TeroFin

    Lens glare in a sunny daylight

    Hi, It looks that I get many times this kind of "sunbeam" type of interference in the photos taken by Mini. Would this kind of sun shade protector remove these problems? Cheers!
  13. T

    Building Crash - Need Reputable place to buy parts

    Today I had a mishap with my Mavic 2 Pro. I got a little too comfortable with the obstacle avoidance and tried to get a shot while flying towards a building. The drone didn't even flinch, it literally just bounced off of the building. Upon inspection, the Lens cover is broke and the gimbal...
  14. K

    Loose gimbal/camera

    I recently bought a Mavic off of eBay but I’m not sure if something’s wrong with the gimbal. It seems pretty loose when it’s off to the point where if I hold it side ways it turns and hits the side. Not sure if this is normal or not
  15. BrAinZ

    Cleaning the camera lens/sensor on the Mavic Pro

    Hi Guys, I look after my Mavic Pro like a fanatic, always keeping it in a case, keeping it well away from dirt and dust etc. But over the last few months I have noticed that I have spots/marks across my photos and video. This only tends to be be really noticeable when I create HDR photos from...
  16. S

    Front facing sensors error and weird camera image

    After I crashed my Mavic Pro Platinum a month ago and nothing except for the plastic parts broke, I ordered the parts and replaced the mainframe and top frame, as well as both rear arms myself. Everything worked as expected, although the gimbal didn't move at all. I replaced the ribbon, which...
  17. B

    For sale is Mavic 2 Zoom camera - SOLD

    The camera has developed a Gimbal Overload Error for no reason and the tech guys wouldn't repair it so I had it replaced. The gimbal wouldn't level out and would usually stay askew after initializaton though sometimes it booted ok. A bit whimsical... All other functionalities work flawlessly...
  18. A

    Mavic Pro video weird vibrations

    I was flying my new Mavic Pro the other day and suddenly the video started shaking weirdly as shown in the video linked below. I checked the gimbal and it was unobstructed (but I still had the little sticker with the tab, could this be an issue?). The rubber thing (vibration plate) was properly...
  19. R

    Mavic 2 pro Gimbal problem

    Hey peeps, I had a Mavic 2 pro, everything was fine until the day came. My Mavic 2 pro fell into a freshwater lake in Arkansas. I sent it to DJI but they wouldn't even touch a water damaged drone. So i didnt know what to do for the last 6 months and just kept it stored...
  20. J

    I crashed my mavic 2 pro... camera faces down.

    Everything else on the mavic works fine. The camera stays facing down when off though. I can move it in any direction manually but will center itself facing down. When I turn it on it positions itself normally and works normal. Only when I fly and move it around the camera drifts and faces down...