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firmware update

  1. flykaktusss

    Mini 4pro signal interference problem after update!

    Hi guys! Today i updated my aircraft and has the problem with signal lost after take off even if remote on 2 meters distance. After 3 hours discussion with dji service i sent them logs from aircraft and remote and must wait 24 hours for answer. But I also has a good news for you! I tried to...
  2. Txiku

    DJI Mini 4 Pro V01.00.0500

    Lately I'm not sure what is going on in terms of the frequency with which firmware updates are being pushed for my DJI M4P, the latest being V01.00.0500 for the aircraft. I am a little concerned that they have been pushing updates without me being aware what has changed. Simply stating “fixed...
  3. Yaros

    New Firmware Update (29-12-2022) - what's new?

    There has been a new firmware released for the Mavic Air 2 released today, but the release notes aren't really descriptive (as usual): Optimized user experience, and improved overall software stability. I'm wondering, what's new in this firmware, is it DJI secretly adding Remote ID for EU and...
  4. rafare

    Poll: Mavic Mini v500 firmware update how much issue-free users?

    I really wanted do know how many of you guys had no problems with the new firmware update.
  5. F

    Are your Mavic Air Videos Sharp or Blurry?

    I'm a potential Mavic Air owner, very interested for when the P4P is too large to lug around. I've got a problem with my P4Pro Obsidian sharpness settings when recording 1080p video. They're all the same and I'm hoping the Mavic Air doesn't have a similar problem. The jury is out on whether...
  6. Narayita

    I just got a 7.85" CrystalSky, how do I update the firmware on my Mavic Pro with it?

    There may be an easy answer to this but I can't seem to figure it out. I have the CrystalSky connected to the controller via USB-C to USB cable connected to the USB port on the bottom of the controller. You are supposed to have the controller connected to the aircraft when you do updates but if...
  7. I

    Part 3 of Mavic Air Review & FW Update Jitter Buster

    Part 3 of Mavic Air review. FW Update, 2 in a week, feeling special. Whats good... whats not and how it fits in the sub1kg category. What are you thoughts?
  8. B

    Gesture Control and the MavicPro

    I'm wondering if there are any hardware geeks here that understand the hardware requirements for implementing gesture control support in a drone. If so, I'd like to get opinions on whether it is possible to implement MavicAir-like gesture support on the MavicPro given it's current hardware...
  9. I

    FW UpdateV01.04.0200 & DJI Assistant 2 Update you done it yet

    FW UpdateV01.04.0200 & DJI Assistant 2 Update you done it yet? Great way to spend a few hours :-0 Apparently no Roll back from this FW update...
  10. pierakim

    [HELP] - Mavic Pro No Longer Usable After FW & App Update

    Hi everyone, I bought a Mavic Pro three weeks ago and what an amazing bird! I took the time to read a lot of things about it, how to set it, to calibrate it, to use it the right way..And people from this forum helped a lot! I didn't want to crash it or to miss something from the config. During...
  11. Boomerang

    Inconsistent Firmware found (Mavic Pro 01.03.1000)

    Hy to everybody! As requested by the Go4 App on my iPhone I started the update of the Firmware, but following occured to me: The update stopped at 52% After the 52% was reached this message showed up: "Icompatibility issues may occur between some modules and the device. Continue update?" Slide...
  12. JustViewerFun

    Are There More Flight Restrictions with FW 1.0.700 thru 1.0.900 than Prior Firmware?

    I'm still on FW 1.0.550, and I'd like to upgrade, but before I do, I'd like to know if anybody has found it harder to find places to fly since all the geospatial updates/changes introduced in 1.0.700? Are there any places that you could fly before 1.0.700, but cannot now? If you have flown...
  13. S

    Firmware update killed the Mavic

    Hi guys I tried to update to the new firmware, and a long the way it must have failed. I now have a Mavic that i can't connect or get in touch with at all. The Mavic powers on, but the fans doesn't start which makes it extremely hot. The RC doens't register it all all and just blinks...
  14. F

    "Gesture Mode" active alone "Active track", since the update .700

    Hi guys, I did the update from Assistant this week and since that when I select "gesture" to make automatic picture, in fact active track is selected!!!! I tried to reinstall the firmware, nothing, then to make it new nothing again, nothing. I tried with another ipad and iphone and it's the same...
  15. MacPap

    Is what DJI does with the Mavic legal?

    Ok I have a question that is bothering me for some time now... When I ordered my Mavic I did so evaluating its abilities and reading and watching all the promotional videos of the company regarding its performance. Now after a couple o months DJI asks for a forced firmware update that could...
  16. M

    Firmware .800 released

    New firmare .800 released today. "Added support for the Phantom 4 Advanced". Wonder if anything else has changed. Installed but not flown by me yet. Will give it a go in a few hours... Edit: Sorry, Go4 update, not firmware...
  17. TrayBoz

    Just bought a new battery - how do I install the latest firmware on it?

    I understand that each battery has specific settings stored IN THE BATTERY, like the number of days until discharge. I just bought another new spare battery. I have flown with it once with no problems, no Firmware Update alerts. Is there something I need to do to make sure that the battery...
  18. Q

    Firmware update required??

    Hi - just got mine after waiting over 2 months. Anyway I was told that if my firmware needs updating it will tell me. I did not get a message - did the calibration etc flew it indoors under Beginner Mode of course for awhile and all was good. When the weather get better will take it outdoor...
  19. Karlo De Pro

    Problems connecting to DJI assistant 2

    Hi, Today I was trying to update the firmware on my Mavic Pro with DJI Assistant 2. The programm didn't seem to notice my devices. I have tried to connect my remote to my pc (with micro usb on left side of remote), I have tried to connect my Mavic to my pc and I also tried to connect remote to...