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  1. A


    Hi all, I've been hired to do some aerial footage inside a church hall at night but the client claims there will be loads of light as it is to cover a media event.. My questions is whether you guys think I need to use an ND filter? if so which? or maybe I dont need to use a filter at all...
  2. Giladwashere

    Help understanding my first crash (at night)

    Hello, I'm a novice pilot. Been enjoying my Mavic pro for about 3 months now without a problem (as well as this very useful forum). I have one reoccurring is that I would like to get help with: I live in a large apartment building, with an inner court yard. I'll describe it as I think it may...
  3. Pegasus1

    Lighter backgrounds in Go4 menus

    I find it difficult to see the text and buttons etc when in the menus in the Go4 app, mainly since the background is dark. Makes it hard to see what you are touching to select or change, esp outdoors in sunlight. Besides a good shade, anyone found a way to change menus background tone or color...