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  1. IShouldBeWorking

    10% eBay Coupon code live today 12/7/2018 - Good for a drone of your choice

    Hi all! If your credit card isn't already maxed out this time of year and you're looking to score a discount on a new drone, eBay is running a site wide coupon code for 10% off a single purchase up to $100 off. It's only good today, 12/7/2018 and you'll want to use a DJI authorized seller if...
  2. Advexure

    DJI Mavic Deals - Drones, Accessories, CrystalSky – Save BIG!

    Fellow MavicPilots Members, We have some new Mavic Pro and Mavic Air items as well as associated accessories such as DJI Goggles and CrystalSky that have been added to Advexure's DJI deals on open box, used, and clearance equipment that is fully tested and inspected by our DJI Certified...
  3. Chris32817

    Mavic Pro Batteries on sale

    Not sure if anyone is interested but Mavic Pro batteries are on sale on TomTop for $66.65 with free shipping. Here's the kicker. They are not available to be shipped to the US so this deal is for the non US members. Limited quantities so get them while you can Original DJI Mavic Part 26 11.4V...