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  1. M

    Any defect and manufacture date correlation on the MP2

    Hello, When Mavic Pro 1 was released (and other models also) , a few of the defective units seemed to be early release models e.g 2016 -- very early 2017. I was wondering if there is a tracking thread for similar reports for MP2 where people check the manufacturing date with the online...
  2. Ed209

    Bad pixel on Sensor?

    Just went through 3 batteries and looked at the videos. Seems like I have 2 bad pixels on the camera sensor which are constantly lit. I don't see any artifacts on still images, just video. Edit: You can see the 2 pixels in this video at 2:10
  3. A

    Mavic Pro replacement part

    Hello I crashed my mavic and now 2 things are broken. First the gimbal mount, I already found a spare part on aliexpress. Secondly, the front left leg (not the arm with the motor on it, only the leg itself under the motor) is slightly broken. Does somebody know, where I can get only the leg as...
  4. O

    Aircraft defective how to transfer DJI Refresh

    I have not had my mavic for a week, I bought it from Amazon so I have a 30 day return policy on it. I have from day one been getting an IMU error on it. When you look at the aircraft status information in the IMU it says gyroscope Error. I have calibrated it 30 times nothing is changing this. It...
  5. D

    Mavic Flying Up By Itself

    Hello all, I purchased the mavic from a seller. I got a great deal but I have been having some issues. I am going to stay grounded until I can get some advice. Sometimes the mavic flys perfect but most of the time I am having an issue. When I do a manual take of everything is ok. I get up to...
  6. A

    Mavic camera slipping off of the gimbal shaft (bad glue job?)

    Hey there, I have a question for the Mavic community... have you seen or heard of any Mavics with a loose gimble-camera connection? It seems that the glue has become unstuck and the camera is sliding off of the gimble shaft. I've attached some photos and a short video. Any thoughts or...