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display screen

  1. Joymaker

    Options for viewing?

    My Mavic Air will arrive in the next day or two. I didn't order the fancy goggles, so I want to hear input on best ways to view the feed as it's coming back from the drone. 1. Just for me. Phone? Tablet? What are people using and liking? 2. For a group. I live on a FANTASTIC piece of property...
  2. L

    No iPad Mini 5 - what display to choose?

    New pilot here - my Mavic Pro should arrive today. I have been waiting for today's Apple Event to help me choose a display. Given that the iPad Mini line is seemingly being phased out, what are your recommendations for a display? My (day job) smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S7, but so many...
  3. Z

    LCD screen brightness on Mavic controller

    I'm assuming that there is an easy fix to this problem. I can not see any of the information displayed on the actual controller's LCD screen. If I put the controller at the exact right angle, blocking some of the light, i can vaguely make out what is displayed. How do I adjust the LCD screen's...