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  1. donatas1

    Mini 2 DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.

    DJI Mini 2 Flight Test. Two drones descend into a lava tunnel.
  2. erwol

    DJI GO 4 app not appearing on Google Play + Servers down? Xiaomi mi 9

    Hey guys, I just unpacked a new Android device (with Android 9.x) and when looking for the DJI GO 4 app in the play store I realized it is not there anymore. At first I thought my new device (Xiaomi mi 9 - always flew with Xiaomi phones without a problem) might not be compatible so I installed...
  3. F

    The Fort of São Lourenço do Bugio, Lisbon - Portugal

    Hello, Please meet The Fort of São Lourenço do Bugio, also known as the fort of São Lourenço da Cabeça Seca (Saint Lawrence of the dry head) or simply Torre do Bugio (Bugio Tower), is located in the middle of the estuary of the river Tagus, near Lisbon in Portugal. With no further need for its...
  4. hherbson

    Reasonably priced Droid phone review/survey for DJI 4.1.3 & NEWER

    Hello, < feel free to skip to section II for survey criteria if you don't want to read all this > MOTHER THREAD Section I I've spent the past few months trying to get my existing Android phones to run the DJI Go app without crashing, and have learned much in the process. It turns out the...
  5. mikey201

    Live Stream Very Choppy and Laggy HELP

    so tried Live Streaming with youtube in the dji app and i go to watch it on my youtube and its extremly choppy! with audio messed up how can i fix . check it out for yourself
  6. ElGringo

    New User - can’t create dji account I’m DOA

    I have an IPhone 6 . Downloaded the DJI app, tried creating a new account. It fails to login. I can even reset my password, but it can’t ever login to the app. Brand new drone , brick wall.
  7. donatas1

    Flight over Iceland