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dji assistant

  1. M

    Mavic Air Processor Chip Overheated - dji maintenance

    Hello guys, im Marlon, from Brazil. ( Sorry, my english s from google translate ) I have a mavic air bought a few months ago and little used. My drone never crashed and presented the problem "processor chip overheated" The fan was apparently not working, so I sent DJI's assistance here in...
  2. M

    Opinions please! Crashed Mavic Pro - EXCHANGE

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago, I crashed my Mavic Pro, it went into the sea water (recovered after 30 sec.), left on rice over a week and the drone was working, connecting with GPS, I just didn't fly again. So, now I was trying to solve it and went into a DJI Store here in Thailand and the guy there...
  3. J

    Drone Help for Project

    Hi all, For my project I am trying to get an accurate positioning of a Mavic PRO drone while in flight, I understand you can obtain the flight log with DJI assistant. Is there a way to obtain the flight log without this software? Also, will the altitude from the Mavik flight data be measured...
  4. Woolnut

    Does DJI Assistant 2 actually work..?

    So i have been trying to get my Mavic to connect to the DJI Assistant 2 app, for months! Admittedly i had given up but i have decided to try again this evening... For some reason, the app cannot find the Mavic; it finds the controller straight away but it just will not connect to the Mavic...
  5. T

    Do I need DJI Assistant?

    Sorry if the question sounds noob, but is this app necessary? What does it actually do and is there a big difference between DJI Assistant 1 and 2? I've not flown for quite a while now. But I've been hearing this app mentioned many times. But it does not seem to be a compulsory app, unlike DJI...
  6. heo3480

    Vision sensors need calibration - step by step guide

    I ran into a bit of a challenge the DJI Go 4 App told me that my Mavic Pro firmware was abnormal. It turned out my downward vision sensors needed calibration through the DJI assistant software. If you don’t know the procedure I have made this tutorial to show the steps needs to complete the...
  7. Z

    DJI assistant calibration problems

    The DJI assistant calibration program is not showing any patterns or boxes on the screen when I am trying to calibrate. I have set my monitor resolution to 1080p and it still isn't working...