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dji goggles feature

  1. James Perkins

    DJI goggles with Chrome cast

    Sorry if this is redundant. I did a quick search and saw nothing on using Chrome cast directly with the goggles. I bought a cable adapter for HDMI to HDMI micro to fit the goggle input. The Chrome cast can then be plugged in to that cable and powered with any small USB battery charger. The cable...
  2. eroomomni

    Monitoring radio & video signal strength DJI goggles screen?

    Does anyone know of a way to monitor the radio and video signal strength while using the DJI Goggles? I've flown FPV for years, using the iPhone, iPad and the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer glasses. I have a couple weeks of DJI Goggles use with my Mavic under my belt but find myself referring to the...
  3. R

    The one big feature DJI should have put in the Goggles

    After using the goggles I realized that there is one big thing that DJI could have added that would have made them so much nicer to use. A simple forward facing camera! It could have been a 2mp camera, who cares. They just needed to drill a small hole and add a cheap cell phone camera to the...