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dji repair

  1. DDS

    Crash Your Drone?

    Use Coupon Code "mavicpilots" to get $30 off your repair (put in the problem w/ your drone section)
  2. R

    Mavic Air DJI Repair (UK)

    Hi All, In my previous post, I explained how I had a catastrophic water damage to my Mavic Air. Basically, the whole drone is bricked. I got in touch DJI through their online chat and they asked me to send it in for diagnostic (despite me telling them that I was told by their authorised...
  3. C

    DJI repair center sent me back a refurb unit...

    Too late for me: sent my unit to DJI Repair Center in Tokyo and getting a refurb in replacement of my 1 month old MAVIC.. So I'm posting for those in need of repair and thinking between DJI repair service, 3rd party repair or DIY, base on my personal experience here in Japan. The Pro (Or why...
  4. C

    Googles living up to DJI's reputation. I'm having flashbacks!

    I've owned a Mavic Pro for just over a year. It has been a mixed bag of pleasure and frustration. Mostly frustration. After going through DJI repair purgatory a couple of times and later Drone Nerds (never did really did get my camera issue resolved) for repair I finally put it back in it's...
  5. D

    DJI excellent service!

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that parts of the text display on my Mavic Remote Controller were missing making it difficult to read, particularly battery percentage. I contacted DJI support and they responded quickly advising me to complete a repair form. I needed to contact them a couple of...
  6. Skyler King III

    DJI Repair Scam - I have had "enough" I am suing !

    Over the last year or so I have had a few minor "accidents" with my DJI drones (I have P4, P4P, Inspire 1 V2.0, Mavic, Spark). Each time, even though it might be a warranty issue or a very minor repair, they send me an invoice for some $500 to $600 with listed replacements of body, landing gear...
  7. S

    Wing Repair

    Hey Everyone! So last week I crashed my Mavic against a tree and it fell from a few feet up slamming into he ground, no major damage just one of the front legs got slightly bent at the bottom, I don't have an actual picture of the moment but I can show where it is from a photo of a Mavic I...
  8. C

    DJI customer service is a joke

    I sent my drone in to be repaired on April 2nd. On April 17th when I was in the last phase of the repair process I asked that they mail it to a different address which they confirmed both over the phone and via email. By April 19th I went an email asking for the status. On April 21st i got an...
  9. Nomand Eloc

    Fair Warning. DJI Repair

    Sent the bird and controller back to the Carson Ca for repair. I forgot to remove the small cable that connects the controller to your phone. I happen to use Android, and when they sent my repair back the controller was new and had a Lightning cable installed. :( Please double check to make...