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dji store

  1. H

    Fraudulent DJI Store

    I have bought multiple items via the DJI store. I got several error messages "payment not accepted" with giro pay. After this my order list was also empty. Finally i tried paypal my order was accepted. But after a few minutes i got confirmation messages of my former tries. Now i have a few...
  2. Drone Runner

    New DJI Store in Brisbane & 2 new models leak?

    Just found out about a new DJI store & floor display at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Brisbane, Australia that opened last week. The guys there seemed straight from DJI as one could barely speak English. Not sure if the other guy was trolling or not but he couldn't help but share...
  3. kennedye

    Oh hey look, my second battery finally shipped a month later

    Ordered the MP along with the bag, the filters, the tablet shade, and a second battery on 2/17 from DJI's online store - the MP showed up at the beginning of March, and just got notice that the battery has finally shipped. No word on any of the other parts of the order yet. I feel pretty...