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  1. B

    Mini First few flights and complication video

    Hi everyone - new(ish) member here, with a complication video of a few short flights with the Mavic Mini. Footage taken in and around where I live, down on the south coast of Dorset. Not had the drone too long and only completed a few short sessions, so plenty more to learn, but any thoughts...
  2. Lurch003

    Greenhorn from sunny, but thoroughly locked down, Poole UK

    Hi Guys Complete newbie with zero hours flying but about 100 hours researching on here and youtube! After lots of comparisons, I've bitten the bullet and awaiting delivery of a MM Fly More Combo. Surrounded by so many amazing places here, hoping I can learn some basics for now and then go...
  3. Daemonforce

    locations in and around Dorset

    hi everyone i am looking at getting a dji mavic 2 pro next year, but am worried about places i can fly i would like to video the beach and piers, old harry rock, sandbanks, hengistbury head i know the drones are limited to 400ft which i would never dream of flying that high maybe 120-250 at...