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download issues

  1. C

    Content from aircraft only downloads to photo album, not DJI Fly app on IPhone.

    Have a Mavic 3, content will only download to my phone’s photo album and not the DJI app where I would like it to go. Apparently a window is supposed to pop up giving you the option of where to save it, but it didn’t for me. I reinstalled the app and still didn’t work. I also can’t get content...
  2. E90RAW


    Anyone have any idea how to adjust the screen sensitivity on the smart controller. I have pulled out my hair(not literally) trying to figure this out. I have 2 controllers, the first is fine (both have added screen protectors from same company), the second does not respond to touch easily. I...
  3. I

    iMac not reading SD card files direct from Mavic Pro

    Hi! New to this forum - and relatively new to drone flying. Excited to find out more and be a part of this community. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Problem? Trying to download photos/video footage direct from mavic pro onto my computer direct using the USB. SD card is being read by...