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  1. M

    Mavic Goes Slow - Really Slow (Solved!)

    Another problem Solved. I’m not sure what started this but it may have been a firmware update. My mavic would only go 5-6mph in the horizontal plane. It would go up and down much faster. Horizontal movement was very sluggish as well. I tried updating firmware from app, resetting the gain and...
  2. D

    Solved getting MP USB recognized in Windows10 in Assistant

    After doing a normal install of DJI Assistant, I found that Win10 was not recognizing my MP as a valid USB device. Since DJI is using unsigned Android drivers, they were not successfully installed. Solution is to go to windows setting->Update & Security->Recovery and choose Advanced Startup. At...
  3. FatherXmas

    Installing Assistant Software Fails

    Has anyone else had an issue with installing the Assistant software on Windows 10? I get an error that the drivers are not signed and installation was blocked. I've tried to install on two different computers with the same results.