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  1. Scenic Western Australia

    Scenic Western Australia

  2. Mavic 2 Dolly Zoom

    Mavic 2 Dolly Zoom

    Finally got my faulty zoom replaced, the replacement is working perfectly. Dolly zoom raw, no glitch, no stutter, no edit.
  3. Mavic 2 Active track 2.0 obstacle avoidance passed ✅

    Mavic 2 Active track 2.0 obstacle avoidance passed ✅

    Active track 2.0 and apas perfection
  4. V

    Mavic Pro shot and returns home safely

    The story has been out there a few days now but my Mavic Pro was shot and hit last weekend ... The most impressive part is that it flew just shy of 3/4 mile to land safely... I can’t be more happy with the product that DJI has out there ... Thanks for all the support so far ...
  5. droneofarc

    Litchi App

    Is the litchi app worth the money? What is the difference between it and DJI GO 4 app?
  6. L

    4 Hawks sr came with wrong wires!!!

    My wires that connect controller to hawk sr are wrong!! What the ****!? Can someone help with a solution???? Thanks
  7. L

    Mavic problem

    how you guys doing? i have a quick question. I got my mavic pro fly more combo for Christmas, and then like 5 days later i'm flying it, in my friends backyard to show him. He lives inside the yellow zone. I was able to take off, and fly for like a good minute, then it asked me for a payment...
  8. J

    My Mavic Pro