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drone rescue

  1. E

    Oops after overlooking a Litchi mission planning detail

    I'd planned a 6-minute circuit to get video of a friend's cottage nestled in trees near a frozen lake. All looked well, with the elevation of the waypoints over the forested area set to 45m (~150ft), so well above even the tallest pine trees. Just to be sure though, before starting the mission...
  2. Shismo

    Air 2 Winter Flying over Montreal Island and St Lawrence River

    Videos Winter 2021 flying over Montreal Island East along the St Lawrence River and Montreal West Island over Lac Des Deux Montagne where I crashed MA2 on a small island! Mounted a rescue mission in dead of winter and replaced by DJI care...
  3. Southfork1

    Exploring a canyon, got M2P hungup on fishing line, rescued it with my M2Z

    Got my Mavic 2 Pro stuck up under a tree that had mono fishing line hanging from it. Used my Mavic 2 Zoom with prop guards attached with flyrod tip sections attached extending out forward used to deliver a slipknot loop of para cord. Worked nicely! ... Tested out fine after getting the mono...
  4. D

    2 Zoom The Great Done Crash and Recovery

    Hello All - I was not sure to post this under videos or crashes, so I put it here. The link to the video is below. I look forward to your comments
  5. B

    Mavic Pro saved by crane

    I backed my MP into a treetop about 88 feet off the ground while getting in position for a picture. I could see with binoculars that it was in good condition....just really stuck up there. After pondering what to do for four days, and with a rainstorm coming, I finally called my neighborhood...
  6. A

    Parachute system for Mavic

    Thought someone might be interested for Mavic parachute system. I have not seen any others so I made my own. After a while I got guys contacting me from countries where it is mandatory to have these if you use drone at sports events. Here is picture of my system.