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drone safety

  1. R.J.

    New Drone Safety Campaign Website! Aiming to educate drone pilots with tools and resources in drone safety. Safeskiescampaign.com

    Hello fellow pilots, I have created a website that is dedicated to educating and providing tools/resources to increase drone safety. With news of drones flying near hot air balloons just in the past few weeks, it is obvious that we pilots need to help make our skies safer. The FAA is being told...
  2. photo1x1.com

    New safety guidelines video - please help

    Hi people, as some of you know I´m working on a free video tutorial series of the DJI Go app. Since I want it to be as good as possible, I´m trying to gather as much knowledge as possible and what would be better than asking for help from the vast knowlege here on the forum. I have now written...