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drone shots

  1. zeNitro

    Mini 2 Latest picture of mine

    Image is shot on dji mini 2 raw. And edited in lightroom.
  2. TechVoyager

    Honeymoon in Maldives [A MUST WATCH] | Malediven (Maldives) | Six Senses Laamu | [Drone Shots]

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  3. TechVoyager

    Thailand | CINEMATIC DRONE SHOTS | Phuket & Phi Phi Islands | VLOG

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  4. J

    Video Shoot Planning Tool for Drones

    Are you looking for a tool to plan your next video shoot with a drone? Look no further! I will share with you my idea for such a tool that uses Google Maps and Grafio 3 as a diagramming tool. Planning your next video shoot will be quick and easy. Don’t miss another video shot due to lack of...
  5. D

    Florida - Tampa - Drone Shots

    Drone Shots - Mavic Pro My first drone shots compiled