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Thailand | CINEMATIC DRONE SHOTS | Phuket & Phi Phi Islands | VLOG


Feb 4, 2019
Bangalore, India
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Too much like someone's poor home video, I gave up at 3:20.

You have some good ideas but you have speeded up the good shots too much and there is faaaaaar too much of you and your lady in the shots for it to be of interest to anyone other than your immediate family. You either make a travelogue or you make a home video, but don't do both and don't do a home video for strangers to watch.

We don't need to see people eating and looking into the camera or a couple looking into the camera every several seconds. You want to show the restaurant and food, great but make it a quick shot and hold the camera in place, but don't pan all over while filming.

As I said, you chose some great scenic of the land and beaches but just do it more smoothly and don't keep speeding things up without good reason. Oh, and get yourself a good gyro gimbal to smooth out those hand-helds, or use your drone with the props off. Good luck.
Agree with the above comments. Fast pans are nauseating and should be avoided. Speed increase in the video should be used sparingly and only if really needed to enhance the story. For general public viewing, use cuts, rare dissolves and scenes lasting 3 to 5 seconds long, just try it yourself, look at something and see how many seconds that one particular scene holds your attention before your sight moves to something else.
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