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  1. M

    Rules and regulations in Thailand

    Hey everyone, I'm gonna but of a pickle. I'm travelling to Asia in about 1 month and the plan is to backpack through several countries. One of them is Thailand. I have been reading of the laws and regulations regarding flying a drone in Thailand. I had no idea that you had to register your...
  2. R

    Thailand - Gopro + DJI Mavic Air

    Hey guys, I just made this video of my trip to Thailand, it’s all shot on GoPro and the Mavic Air. I would really appreciate it if you would spend a few minuts to check it out and maybe like and comment the video as well. Thank you so much!
  3. Sir Maxwell Greene

    Ghost Tower, Bangkok at dawn

    Early morning mission to the "Ghost Tower" in Bangkok.
  4. J

    Thailand travel - need liability insurance UK - ideas?

    Hi guys, Off to Thailand in October for a couple of weeks and I have to apply for a license to fly from Thai aviation. No issues, have the forms and got a good idea of what I need to do. I do need liability insurance with my mavic air serial number listed before I can apply though. Have...
  5. TechVoyager

    Thailand | CINEMATIC DRONE SHOTS | Phuket & Phi Phi Islands | VLOG

    Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks :)
  6. M

    Bringing but NOT flying in Thailand?

    Hey guys! In September/Oktober I’m going on a trip, visiting Thailand but also Laos and Vietnam. I’ve checked the rules for flying in Laos and Vietnam and that doesn’t worry me at all. But I still need to bring my Mavic Air and I’m worried bringing it with me in Thailand without any...
  7. M

    Crashed and went into sea water - Help please

    Hi guys, Well, I crashed my Mavic Pro about 10 days ago and wanted some help now to know what action should I take. I was flying from a boat on a place closed by high rocky walls here in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. The drone took off and suddenly it lost the GPS connection going into OPTI mode and...
  8. 2

    Flying in Thailand

    Hello all, I'm going to be traveling to Thailand later this year and I'd love to take my Mavic Pro with me to get some footage from several of the more remote places I'm going to be. Upon initial investigation, I'm seeing that I need to file for all sorts of registration with the local...
  9. rikk08

    Thailand in 4K - using a mavic pro

    A short video with some of the best shots I captured during a month travelling around Thailand. Watch in 4K. Drone shots only, editing another travel video in HD which will cotain more camera shots. Enjoy!
  10. Mavicao

    Drone regulations in Southeast Asia

    I'm travelling there next month and I started looking at regulations in September. I looked here mostly: Drone Laws By Country – UAV Systems International But some of the email addresses are outdated so I had to gather some from other sources. The countries will be Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam...
  11. celurae

    Everyday's Motion - Thailand 4K

    Hi There Mavic Pilots! So I’ve been on holiday lately and wanted to share my video covering our 4 weeks trip. I’ve been combining shots with the Panasonic GH5 together with the Mavic. I think these two different perspectives in a video can really lift the result. Your feedback is...
  12. John Gowland

    Just can't get over what a Mavic can do!

    Its amazing what a Mavic can do. After weeks I am just blown away by this little box of magic. Bye bye Phuket. John
  13. Y

    The short life of my first Mavic Pro (take me away, take me down) HD

    Hello everyone, The short life of my first Mavic Pro. I had the chance to use it only 4 times in Thailand. This is kind of a tribute to that magnificent drone! Feel free to share the video. If you like the video, please (please!) leave it a thumbs up on youtube. Id be very thankful! ps...
  14. John Gowland

    old crow newbie working his *** off. Is this ok?

    A horrible day but best I could do between rain storms. Recorded 2.7K 30fps. ISO 100 ss speed I think at 3 or 400 manual. ND 8 filter. Best I have done for clarity, see second half of aerial shot of town. Got rid of most of the shimmering, especially lines on buildings. imovie auto exports and...
  15. John Gowland

    If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

    My Mavic is yet another learning curve. You think you have created something good, a good shoot. Then you see something weird in the vid. You ponder, research, try to understand. What is that shimmering of lines in a balcony, or a roof element, in a tiny portion of the video? Turns out it’s a...
  16. John Gowland

    Now illegal to fly drones with a camera without a licence in Thailand.

    It is now illegal to fly drones with a camera without a licence in Thailand. This has been discussed before here. Can I transport my Mavic in Thailand? This year the law has changed. You have to get a licence two months prior to using a drone with camera. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)...
  17. K

    Krabi Thailand

    Video take from our recent family holiday to Krabi Southern Thailand. Mobile friendly version
  18. A

    Can I transport my Mavic in Thailand?

    Drones are illegal in Thailand unless I believe you have a permit and drone insurance. I do not intend to use my Mavic there, but wanted to know if I would get transport it without a license. My intent is to bring it to Malaysia and Singapore to fly it there. Last thing I need is customs...
  19. B

    One day in Bangkok...

    DJI could be the next Apple Computer. A lot of people rightly complain when they had a bad experience with a company. Today I had the opposite. My son Finn received a DJI Mavic Pro drone for Christmas. It was sort of one of those gifts that you give your kid because you want to play with it...