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  1. MauMau

    Air 1 Mavic Air Chasing a Paddle Steamer

    Can Mavic Air keep up with a linership? Yup 😄 I could have flown quite a bit further beside him, but I preferred to play it safe. Location info: The location shown is the Ammersee Lake in southern Bavaria. The liners seen in the video are the "MS Herrsching" (a paddle steamer of 54m length...
  2. MauMau

    Cinematic Riverside Shots

    Still quite happy after switching from the Spark to the Mavic Air - here are some cinematic shots I also did with the Spark before but the Air's video quality is SO MUCH better. I really enjoy it. Location info: This is the Lech river near and inside the city of Augsburg, Bavaria (the hometown...
  3. nhgill960

    First Cinematic With My Mini

    Hello everyone, I have been a mini pilot since January, and I have really enjoyed the experience. This was my first DJI drone, and the Mini has been a great platform to learn some basic aerial cinematography on. I recently was able to get some pretty nice shots in North Carolina and Tennessee...
  4. N

    Rolling Hills of Tennessee - Mavic Air 2

    *edit I wasn't trying to scare the cows but while I was filming them they ran. (the title of the video was clickbait) I was shooting on my friend's farm (his cows); he knew I was filming them. I'll make sure that I'm more careful next time I'm out flying. I shot this footage on the outskirts of...
  5. m80116

    Grading it Old school with Movie Studio

    Hello... fellow Mavic Mini pilot here. Grading my footage I've quickly found out that... while I'd truly like to apply LUTs to my videos, I probably couldn't find anything universal that could suit my mood, my scenes, lights and so on. So I resort to manual everything instead. As for the...
  6. m80116

    NightFly - a Mavic Mini CinePATHIC Night clip

    OK, here's a CinePATHIC Mavic Mini short movie clip, entirely shot with the little critter and put together using my usual cursing and misery resources. 1080p 29.97fps worked directly on memory card, old fashion disk drive and 2013 editing software. Most footage is shot at 25 fps and sped up to...
  7. rikk08

    The Ice Cave Under the Volcano

    The Ice Cave Under the Volcano - watch on SkyPixel (appreciate any love and support here for the Skypixel Competition 🙏 ): The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | The ice cave under the volcano - a super jeep tour with SouthCoast Adventure, Iceland. Departs...
  8. rikk08

    One of my favourite places in Iceland - Landmannalagur - Highlands of Iceland in 4K

    One of the most incredible places I've ever visited. Video is also uploaded on Skypixel here for the 5th Annual Contest (appreciate your support 🙏): The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Landmannalaugar ('People's Pools') - also called Rainbow Mountains is...
  9. D

    Mavic 2 Pro - Best shots of 2019

    Mavic 2 Pro - Best of 2019 Hi mavic pilots. Its been a while since I made my last video, but here is one I put together.. The full year of 2019 in the making Hope you enjoy!
  10. D

    First attempt at a drone video! MPP at the seafront, Hastings, UK

    I posted this in the new pilots check in section as I've only owned my first decent drone - a Mavic Pro Platinum - for just over a month. Someone kindly suggested I post it here instead. It's my first ever attmpt at making a video of any sort, let alone a drone video so please go easy on me! I'm...
  11. rossmoney

    FPV has RUINED me...

    my Mavic 2 pro is collecting dust for real... this has been my obsession now for the last 3 months, SO fun! Cinematic FPV
  12. Tolsan

    The Alps 4k (Dji Mavic Air)

    During my 3-week trip, I performed drone shots in Italy, Austria and Slovenia. I hope you will like it. Visited cities: Lake Como, Italy Lago di pusiano, Italy Riva del Garda, Italy Arco, Italy Nago-Torbole, Italy St. Leonhard in Passeier, Italy Timmelsjoch, Italy - Austria Sölden...
  13. heo3480

    Drone Moves for Beginners

    My top drone moves for beginners, that you start practicing right away. The key to Cinematic drone footage is to keep the motions simple and avoid rapid movements.
  14. TechVoyager

    Amatuer Drone shots. WMD19 - 2539 Bikers at one Place

    Hello Friends, Check out my new video on the WMD19 event. Pardon me for some amateaur shots. Just trying to get a hang of all this. And improving drone shots with every new flight. Let me know in the comment section - what you liked and what can be improved. The video is entirely shot on MA...
  15. heo3480

    Oreby Castle footage (closed to the public) in 4K

    I had a chance to get some rare footage from a very nice place, that is normally not open to the public, but we got permission to film around Oreby Castle in the southern part of Denmark. This castle is very old from around 1530, so this is a rare gem positioned perfectly for the sunset...
  16. brett8883

    Pro cinematic flight maneuvers

    For awhile now I have been looking for a good resource that contained an index of some of the more complex cinematic aerial maneuvers. However, I had a hard time finding a resource that fit my criteria until now and I wanted to share with the forum. If like me you have been flying for months...
  17. F

    FlyingBy "Dragon Stadium", Porto - Portugal

    Hello, The Estádio do Dragão (Dragon Stadium) is an all-seater football stadium located in Porto, Portugal. It is the current home stadium of FC Porto with a capacity of 50,033, making it the third largest football stadium in Portugal. Designed by Portuguese architect Manuel Salgado, the...
  18. F

    Aerial from Discoveries to the Tower... [Lisbon,Portugal]

    Hello, Here is some footage and photo that i've made this weekend with Mavic 2 Pro. please meet Monument to the Discoveries and Bélem Tower. 360 from Bélem Tower: The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Keep in mind: In order to fly in this area you...